Bermuda photography legend, Roland Skinner passed away late last year, and while we will miss the man behind the lens, his photographs depicting the beauty and charm of Bermuda will live on.

Skinner got his start at the age of 15 when he worked in the darkroom processing pictures for senior photographers. Skinner later went on to head the photographic services division at the Department of Communications (then known as the Bermuda News Bureau) where he committed to capturing Bermuda in her best light.

Over the decades, Skinner showcased our island’s natural beauty through the his Picturesque images, which A.S. Cooper & Sons, Ltd. purchased from him in 2011.

From the flowers and oceanscapes to his stunning aerial images taken from a helicopter, Skinner captured Bermuda in a way that will forever be remembered.

Roland Skinner’s Picturesque photography collection is available for purchase from A.S. Cooper & Sons.