In addition to Cup Match, Bermudians also enjoy annual county cricket games. Enjoyed on a smaller-scale, county games include the same food, fun and festivities as Cup Match, and yes, that includes Crown & Anchor too! Here’s everything you need to know about the Eastern Counties Cup Association Annual Classic.

What is the Eastern Counties Cup Association?
Founded in 1904, the Eastern Counties Cricket Association is just two years younger than Cup Match itself.

Speaking recently to The Royal Gazette, Eastern Counties president, Steven Douglas said:
“The ECCA annual classic plays an important role in preserving and promoting Bermuda’s vibrant and community orientated culture.”

“The historical legacy of the annual classic, including the sporting challenge between all four clubs, brings Bermudians from all walks of life together each year. The return of the classic is even more important this year, as it will remind us of how important life is and that we cannot take our traditions, cultural experiences and community [sports] based events for granted.”

Which Teams Play for the County Cup?
The Eastern Counties includes the following teams:
Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club
St. David’s County Cricket Club
Flatt’s Victoria Recreational Club
Cleveland County Cricket Club

Where are the County Cup Games Played?
Each county cricket game will be played at Sea Breeze Oval at Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club.

What are the Dates for this Year’s Matches?
July 22 – St. David’s vs. Bailey’s Bay
August 19 – Flatt’s vs. winner of first game
September 2 – Cleveland County vs. winner of second game

What Can I Expect at a County Game?
County games include everything Cup Match does, except on a smaller scale. If it’s a mussel pie you’re hungry for, you can get one! Lots of swizzle? They’ll have that too. Looking to win big a Crown & Anchor, bring cash and get ready to make your bets.

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