When Cup Match is in St. George’s, “Point House” in St. David’s is THE home to be at for all the festivities. full of family traditions, owned by Peter and Chrissy Frith.  They have three sons, Graham, Ian and Duncan who have many friends in Bermuda, USA and Canada. So the house becomes the central location for all their friends over the 4-day holiday, flying in from all over to mingle and experience this fabulous hospitality. The Friths are just doing their bit for tourism, one family at a time!

It has been known to have over 200 young adults arrive by boat, barge, motorbikes and taxi to celebrate Cup Match.  The decks turn into dance floors and D.Js—grilling and chilling. And, of course there is the dock just steps away for jumping into just-the-right temperature water.   On Saturday morning the house is filled with sleeping bodies, just ready for a true Bermudian sumptuous Codfish Breakfast and memories to last a lifetime!