Nothing says romance quite like dinner for two with a view. Whether a local or visitor in Bermuda, you can expect to dine with vistas parallel to the island’s beauty. In the late summer and early fall months, dining al fresco with a loved one is a must-do. Here are a few of our favourite dinner spots – and a few fun unconventional alternatives – that are perfect for a date with your significant other. 

Sea Breeze Lounge 
If you long to sip a cocktail alfresco with the sound of the waves gently lapping in the (not-so) distance, grab the one you love and spend an evening relishing the moonlight at Sea Breeze. Part of the Lido Complex, Sea Breeze perfectly unites playful and sexy, where sandy feet and salty skin are acceptable and couples enjoy each other’s company in the vibrant, lively atmosphere. With its open-air design, the terrace at Sea Breeze is exposed to the elements, meaning it’s virtually off-limits during dismal weather but comes alive with agreeable conditions, particularly at full moon. To experience the best Seabreeze has to offer, plan to go for their live music, offered every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. 

Coconuts at The Reefs
Coconuts at The Reefs is the ultimate getaway, a place you go when you want to be transported, leaving reality behind. Essentially Coconuts is a roofed deck built into the cliff face of the hotel property, overlooking the private beach and the Atlantic Ocean. During the summer months, Coconuts becomes a haven for couples looking to escape it all and immerse themselves in the romantic atmosphere and picturesque setting. For lovers, the gentle sound of the waves and the salty sea breeze set the scene for an evening well spent together. To make the most of your time at Coconuts, arrive before the sun sets, giving yourself ample time to enjoy the view before dark.

Breezes at Cambridge Beaches
Cambridge Beaches has been around for generations and has an old-world charm incomparable with anywhere else on the island. Looking out over Long Bay Beach, Breezes, the hotel restaurant and bar, seems always to be doused in sunshine, no matter the weather anywhere else. Take the chance to escape the madness, shy away from socialising (except with the one you’re with) and just enjoy your surroundings. Arrive on a Sunday evening, when all is quiet, giving you and your spouse the opportunity to experience slower-paced and gentler Breezes. 

Sunset Cruise on the Water
Really the only place to be in the summer is on the water, but of course anyone in Bermuda already knows that. While most head to the usual haunts of Paradise Lake, Gibbet’s Bay and Mangrove Bay, couples in love know that the secluded Castle Harbour islands is the place to be. Go one evening during a quiet week, taking off in your own or a rented boat, and head down the waterfront of Tucker’s Town, finally slipping into one of the bays around Castle Island. Anchor off and find a small beach to snuggle up on, taking in the quiet, serene environment around you. 

Fort Scaur 
Simply put, there is no better place in Bermuda to watch the sun go down than at Fort Scaur. High up on a hill, Fort Scaur was built in the 1870s for the British army to protect Dockyard from possible invasion by the Americans but is now a historical site and national park. Those in the know, know that the location isn’t just rich in history but also one of the best vantage points islandwide. Skip the happy hour scene and go one Friday evening. Pick up a bottle of prosecco, some cheese and crackers and stage a picnic on the hood of your car whilst you watch the sun slip below the horizon. 

Picnic at Horseshoe Bay 
For an escape from the ordinary, rise before the sun and head to Horseshoe Bay with a breakfast picnic in tow. Find a spot on the beach close enough to the shore so that your feet catch the waves every so often and watch the sun rise above the horizon. Skip the plastic cutlery and go all out: pack real china, silver knives and forks and crystal champagne flutes. As you sip on mimosas and dine on fresh fruits and pastries, relish the quiet and appreciate what it means to be truly alone together.