The only winter blues found in Bermuda are the hues of our sparkling Atlantic. Even when the temperatures drop, there are still so many activities to do and experiences to be had. Our island is absolutely bursting with adventure and places to explore: simply put on a sweater and get going! If you need any inspiration, here are 7 must-do things this winter:

1. Explore the Outdoors
Bermuda was practically made for outdoor walks and hikes. Our natural landscape boasts everything from cliffs to caves, sandy beaches to green hills. There are also abandoned forts and winding railway trails — if you’re looking for adventure, look no further. Click here to read about 3 wonderful winter walks: our definitive guide to Fort Scaur Park, Blue Hole Park and Astwood Park.

2. Head to Dockyard
Be a tourist for the day and head to the Royal Naval Dockyard. During the summer months, Dockyard is home to hundreds of cruise ship visitors, which makes visiting in the off-season extremely appealing! Simply take the ferry from Hamilton; tokens are $4.50 for adults, $2.75 for children ages 5-15. Once you have your token, hop onto the blue route, which leaves every 90 minutes. If you’re hungry, we suggest heading to the iconic Frog and Onion Pub. There you will find classic pub dishes such as cottage pie and Chef Martin’s Cornish pastie. After lunch, head on over to the National Museum of Bermuda where you will find fascinating exhibits on Bermuda’s links with the West Indies and the Azores, the island’s role and defence systems in the two World Wars, and so much more. Be sure to also view local artist Graham Foster’s grand mural in the Hall of History – it is truly stunning!

3. Make a Scrumptious Soup
What’s the best thing on a cold winter’s day? Homemade soup, of course! One of our favorite soups is a tortellini soup with sausage and kale. It is extremely easy to make, and everyone is bound to love it! It has all the perfect ingredients for a cozy Sunday afternoon’s lunch or dinner. For the full recipe, click here.

4. Find Hidden Treasures
When you think of Bermuda, you think of sun and swimming and boating, but at the moment nobody wants to get their toes wet! In the winter months it’s easy to be stuck with nothing to do. Luckily, it’s not too cold to put on a fleece and walk along a windy beach, looking for treasures washed up there. So, we’ve created a beachcombing guide for the adventurers among us. Added bonus: in the off-season dogs are allowed on public beaches! So, take your four-legged friend with you as you comb. Click here to read more!

5. Have a Staycation
It’s time to treat yourself! We all know that the holiday season can be busy and stressful. So, we highly recommend booking a weekend stay for a few days of peace and endless fun! Ring in the new year feeling fresh and revived. Don’t forget to ask for local rates when booking this winter!

6. Whale Watching
Each March, about 10,000 migrating humpback whales make their way past our pink shores on their way to cooler waters up North for the summer months. While passing by, these migrating whales make a pit stop in Bermuda, creating an opportunity for locals and visitors to see these whales both from a distance and up-close. It’s an amazing opportunity to see these majestic beasts, click here to read our full guide to whale watching in Bermuda.

7. Go Bowling
Often overlooked, bowling is a fantastic activity for all ages! Bermuda has two bowling alleys, Warwick Lanes and Strykz Bowling Lounge. Both have a bar and restaurant associated, offering perfect bowling cuisine like burgers and sandwiches. Additionally, you and your family are able to pay and play a game at fairly low rates. So if the winter weather is proving too cold to be outdoors, but you’re looking to get out of the house — the answer is bowling!