With lobster season here at last, we’re getting excited about the return of this succulent seafood to home and restaurant kitchens across the island! Caribbean spiny lobsters, as they are technically known, are abundant in Bermuda’s waters and are a permissible catch between September 1st and March 31st. The opening of the season brings with it countless eager divers and even a tournament, with the winners being awarded prizes for the biggest lobsters caught in several categories. The tournament is sponsored by Makin’ Waves and this year will be held on Sunday the 4th of September. Registration is now open and can be found at the first link below, along with details of the event.

And whether you’d like to join the tournament or take on an independent challenge to capture one of these savvy crustaceans, be sure to apply for a recreational diving licence. Applications cost $130 and can be submitted to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, located at the Botanical Gardens at 169 South Road in Paget. Follow the second link below for all the details on the regulations of lobster diving and to download your application form.  

Makin’ Waves Lobster Diving Tournament Registration: HERE

Recreational Lobster Diving Licence Application: HERE