Although the quieter months are upon us, some of Bermuda’s best and most-loved spots still observe their undeniable traditional charm and moments of absolute local magic. We urge you to explore some of these hidden gems, and revisit old favourites, as there’s simply nothing better than experiencing a fundamentally Bermudian vibe! Here’s a little guide to some of our island’s best kept secrets:

Where to Eat: 
There are so many incredible new restaurants and places to catch a bite to eat, but us locals also LOVE tried-and-true establishments —  with the following, you simply can’t go wrong!

For the most authentic English-style fish & chips… 
Streetwize: Found in the very aesthetically pleasing Chancery Lane, Streetwize was opened in April 2019, and is not to be missed. Owner Desmond Townsend created and executed the idea of opening a restaurant with a focus on street food. Their eclectic menu serves everything from truffle grilled cheese, to doner kebabs and everything in between. The highlight, however, has to be their incredible fish & chips. Be sure to check them out! 3 Chancery Lane, 292-9493.

For fresh seafood… 
LITT: Lost In The Triangle (LITT) specialises in fresh and local seafood. If you’re craving anything seafood-related, then look no further. Owner Delvin Bean is also the first mate of Paradise One fishing charters —  which means LITT has a very strong sea-to-table policy. All seafood is locally caught, and never frozen! 13 Reid Street, 296-0094.

For curry… 
House of India: Founded in 1995, House of India is a well-known and ever-loved establishment. Specialising in both North Indian and South Indian cuisine, their extensive and diverse menu is made for everybody. Some customer favourites include their Butter Chicken Masala and the Shrimp Vindaloo (but be careful, it’s quite spicy!). Their menu also caters towards both vegetarians and those who don’t love spice (lots of mild items). You are able to both take out from the House of India, or dine in the restaurant, it’s up to you. 58A North Street, 295-6450. 

For dining waterside…
The Flame: For fabulous views, the friendliest service, and amazing food, we highly recommend The Flame on North Shore. Although small, this restaurant is known to be one of the best atmospheres for dining in Bermuda. With a large menu, serving everything from a fish sandwich to chocolate mousse, there is something for everybody. Previous diners have also noted that if you arrive early, you are able to feed the fish before your meal — making The Flame the perfect spot for children and adults alike. We absolutely love it, and you will too! 89 North Shore Road, 292-0348.

For authentic local flare…
De Island Shack: Located in the heart of Somerset, De Island Shack showcases Bermudian hospitality at its finest. De Island Shack was founded by husband and wife team, O’neil and Carmen Tucker, and serves incredible baked goods, fresh teas, made-to-order sandwiches, and so much more! Inside the Shack, you will also find local trinkets and artwork for sale by local artists. We can honestly say that a trip to the west end is absolutely not complete without a stop at De Island Shack! 56 Somerset Road, 777-7422. 

Where to Enjoy a Day on the Water: Somerset Long Bay
Boating and water sports are synonymous with Bermuda, but where exactly do locals go? Somerset Long Bay, of course! With crystal clear and calm waters, one is able to safely swim and snorkel off the boat. You are also able to see a plethora of wildlife here —  from turtles to corals, to even eels! We also recommend Somerset Long Bay for paddleboarding. A perfect Bermudian day on the boat often includes packed snacks or lunch, and most importantly, local boating fare is NOT complete without a batch of homemade swizzle! 

Where to Go When the Caffeine Cravings Hit: BruMae Gourmet 
A fantastic and beautiful place for a cup of java or freshly-brewed tea is Brumae Gourmet, located in St. George’s. Situated just around the corner from the water, this little cafe is tucked in behind Davidrose. Only in Bermuda can you order your favourite caffeinated beverage, then sit and chill in this quiet courtyard near a tranquil harbour – how wonderful is that? If you’re feeling hungry, Brumae also crafts delicious paninis with the freshest produce and homemade bread! Head to Brumae Gourmet, 22 Water Street, 261-4226.

Where to go for a Beach Day:  Horseshoe Bay
When thinking of heading to the beach during a hot summer’s day, most Bermudians try to avoid choosing a beach like Horseshoe Bay, simply due to the masses of cruise ship visitors that often get there first! One local spot that is not as crowded, and just as stunning, is Warwick Long Bay. The beach extends half a mile along the island’s south shore, and is ideal for long walks or jogs. Warwick Long Bay also boasts great snorkeling and sunbathing. Basically, it’s the perfectly secluded, picturesque Bermudian beach of your dreams. Seriously.

Where to go for a Drink…
We all know Bermudians tend to enjoy a cheeky rum swizzle or Dark N’ Stormy, but the best locations for these beverages are often under the radar. If you’re on your way to Cup Match at the Somerset County Cricket Club, you can find locals gathering at the Charing Cross Tavern. Here, large crowds meet before walking to the game, also at times, for a pre-match brew. It is definitely a sight to be seen! If you love cricket, but can’t wait for Cup Match, the next best thing is having a drink at Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club during a County Game. With so much excitement and energy in the air, you are bound to have a truly Bermudian experience that you’ll never forget (but, easy on those swizzles!). And finally, if you’re wanting a casual drink in Hamilton, you can often find Bermudians at the Flanagan’s Irish Pub, you’ll feel the traditional pub vibe, with countless televisions, beers, and burgers! It’s perfect.