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5 Most Instagram-Worthy Places in Bermuda

Undoubtedly, Bermuda is one of the most beautiful places in the world and the popular #ilivewhereyouvacation hashtag confirms our island as an Instagram-worthy location. Among the coves, coasts, lush greenery and bustling streets that dot our shores, there are endless opportunities for the perfect snap and here are 5 that you might not already know about but should.   #1. Abbot's Cliff Located in the East End, Abbot's Cliff sits high above Harrington Sound, giving its visitors a vantage point unmatched by (some might even say...

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The Bermudian’s Almanac: The Hamilton Hotel

This almanac was first published in The Bermudian in October 2002. Looking Back... The Hamilton Hotel opened its doors in 1863 as Bermuda's first major hotel, but this 1930 photo of its new swimming pool gives no indication of its precario...

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Tourist In Your Own Town: Historical Points of Interest

Bermuda was colonized in 1612 and though that makes our island only some-400-years-old, there's a lot of history packed into our four centuries. Get in-touch with Bermuda's ancestral past with visits to The National Museum in Dockyard, Shelly Ba...

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8 Movies Filmed in Bermuda – From The Deep to Maternal Secrets and Everything in Between!

As anyone who has ever visited Bermuda's shores knows, our island is an idyllic place. In fact, for centuries poets and novelists have used Bermuda as the setting for major works, including poetry by Mark Twain, William Shakespeare's The Tempest...

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The Land Crab Story: An Interview with Dr. David Wingate

Every year at the beginning of July, when Bermuda’s waters became warmer in the summer sun, a crimson migration erstwhile passed over our roads and beaches. Side-ways bumbling land crabs in their thousands used to make for the water, in some p...

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Instagram Roundup for September 16-23

This last week may have included the first day of fall but that didn't stop locals and visitors alike from spending ample time outdoors, especially lots of time soaking up lots of sun at the beach. Here are our favourite #Bermuda Instagrams from...