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6 Historical Facts About Fairylands

Located on the west of Pitt’s Bay Road, this concentration of old and expensive houses and properties covers the two peninsulas of Mill Shares and Point Shares. Named Fairyland or Fairylands depending on which map you’re checking, this charming neighbourhood boasts idyllic, winding byways with lovely views. A little exploring will also yield wetland areas including Fairyland Creek and Mill Creek, both inlets near local islands. Fairylands takes its name from the Celtic mythology and was conceived by wealthier merchants…

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Tourist in Your Own Town: The East End

Reacquaint yourself with the east end this weekend by taking in the history and nostalgia synonymous with the Town of St. George before having a swizzle at the Swizzle Inn. 1. Have a Swizzle at the Swizzle InnNumber-one competitor of…

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8 Kinds of Pain You’ve Experienced If You’re Bermudian

Being Bermudian isn't all fun and games, sometimes there's pain in paradise. 1. Sitting in Traffic from Paget Traffic Lights to East BroadwayNeed we say more? Bermudian pains aren’t exclusive to just physical discomfort. You kind of feel your head…

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Vintage Scenes of Bermudian Life

From preparing Bermuda grass for planting, to relaxing under the shade of the trees at Flatts Inlet, this photo gallery showcases the scenes from the lives of locals.                

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7 Reasons Why Dame Lois Browne-Evans was a Trailblazer

Born on June 1, 1927, Dame Lois Browne-Evans was a lawyer and a political figure in Bermuda for most of her life. Progressive and determined, she was a woman of many firsts who consistently challenged the status quo. At the…

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Locals’ Best Kept Secrets: Where to Go to Enjoy the Island Like a Bermudian

Where to go and what to do to ensure an authentic and immersive visit to Bermuda's beautiful shores.  Beaches Warwick Long Bay - Often overlooked for its more glamourous and popular big brother, Horseshoe Bay, Warwick Long Bay is a slightly…