You’ve got to know someone who has a boat. The first step to getting on the water without a boat is… to mooch off your friends that do. If you’ve exhausted this option, read on for some ways to get on the water that will suit every vibe and budget.

1. Rent a Boat
Keeping a boat in good nick is a lot of work – and a lot of money. Luckily, there are plenty of places in Bermuda where you can rent a boat for a few hours, or a whole day. Driving a boat isn’t much different than driving a car – there’s just no yellow line. You can even get a captain to take you.

2. Go On a Party Cruise
If you don’t want to navigate yourself, try going on a party cruise. Rising Son  offers private charters, snorkel tours and sunset happy hour cruises on their 60-foot catamaran in the summers.

3. Go Swimming
Swimming has got to be the easiest way to get on the water without a boat. There’s plenty of ways to do it in style, though! It’s easy to set up a base on the shore if you bring a picnic blanket with you. Up the glamour factor by bringing some wine and fancy snacks along – some nuts, cold cuts, and perhaps some olives.

4. Go On An Aquarium Tour
From July-September every Thrusday, BAMZ puts on unique tours of Harrington Sound for $40. This ecosystem is like nowhere else on Earth, and you will be treated to views of spotted eagle rays, terns, and longtails. The two guides are very knowledgeable about Harrington Sound’s ecosystem.

5. Rafting and Inner Tubing
The height of summer has just been and gone, and that means you’ve dug out all your inflatable beach toys from roach-infested storage! It’s easy to float around on the water in an inner tube, lilo, or other floatation device.

6. Paddle Out On a Kayak
Kayaking is a great way to get up close and personal to the ocean. On a boat, you might spot some fish feeding, a coral reef, or a ray. In a kayak you’ll be able to look over the side and almost touch the incredible things you see! There are many places you’ll be able to peer into the crystal clear waters and see turtles feeding or resting on the bottom, like Daniel’s Head and Mullet Bay.

7. Stay On The Shore
Hear us out: there’s plenty of ways to experience the water by staying safe and dry on the shore. Peering into rockpools, turning over rocks on the beach, or even walking around on the docks will reward you with sights of fish and invertebrates almost as amazing as a snorkeling trip!

8. Go Snorkelling or SCUBA Diving
The Bermudian has created this handy guide to the best snorkelling spots in Bermuda! If you don’t have snorkelling gear, you can rent it.

You might not have a boat, but you can still make it to North Rock, the world’s northernmost reef! BAMZ puts on all-inclusive snorkelling trips to North Rock on Saturdays in June and September.

9. Grab a Paddleboard
Unlike kayaking, on a paddleboard you never get a wet butt. If you can keep your balance, this is one of the most relaxing ways to get on the water. If you’re a klutz, you might spend the whole time stressed out about falling over, though.

10. Join a Jet Ski Tour
If high adrenaline is the way you want to go, book at Jet Ski tour. Many leave from the west end and go around the wreck of the Vixen, where chub hang around in great numbers, waiting to be fed. They might just bite you if you stick a fingertip in the water…