1 Rent your personal pontoon party boat

Pontoon boats, with their flat bottoms and wide beams, are built for comfort. They are a perfect self-drive boat rental for a family fun day on the water or a party with your friends. Mosey through Paradise Lake and stop for a swim and picnic, or cruise to Mangrove Bay for a perfect day of fun in the sun. And the best part? Step on and step off! Each boat comes with a cooler so you can chill your drinks while you search for the perfect place to anchor. Aquatic Bermuda (aquaticbermuda.com) and Dream Catcher Boat Rentals (dreamcatcherboatrentals.com) both rent 23-foot pontoon boats that hold up to ten adults. Pick up is from Barr’s Bay. Call to reserve.

2 Buzz around in a Boston Whaler

There is no better way to zip around Bermuda’s shores than in an easy-to-manage Boston Whaler. As most of us know, seeing Bermuda by boat is the best way to appreciate her beauty, and experiencing it with a lover enhances the experience. Rent a Boston Whaler at the West End and explore Mangrove Bay, Ely’s Harbour beaches and coves and the shoreline of the Great Sound. Rent your Whaler in the East End and cruise through the crystal-clear waters and pristine beauty of Castle Island Nature Reserve, St. George’s Harbour or the many islands around St. David’s. Rent a 13-foot Boston Whaler from either Somerset Bridge Boat Rental (bdawatersports.com) or Blue Hole Watersports (blueholewater.bm). Opt for a larger 17-foot boat, available at Aquatic Bermuda (aquaticbermuda.com).

3 Go for a wild ride in the WildCat

Want a thrilling adventure on the water? The WildCat is back! Take a tour on this 50-foot, high-speed hydrofoil catamaran, powered by twin 1,000-horsepower turbo-charged diesel engines. Not for the faint of heart, the WildCat carries up to 50 people and promises to take those seeking adventure on an exhilarating ride around the island that offers views of Bermuda’s shores many have never seen before. Tours and routes vary and may depend on weather conditions, but count on the WildCat zipping you past forts, shipwrecks, Paradise Lake, Darrell’s Island, Somerset Bridge, Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, Hamilton Harbour, St. George’s Harbour and Castle Harbour. All tours leave from Dockyard. Contact K. S. Watersports (kswatersports.com) for availability and departure times.

4 Jet around with a Jet Ski

Round up a group of your closest friends and hit the water on a sunny afternoon for fast fun and aquatic adventure on a Jet Ski tour. Led by an expert on Bermuda’s history and culture, you’ll be guided to some of the island’s most breathtaking bays and secretive coves that only a Jet Ski could navigate. On the way back, let loose and feel the wind through your hair as you race your friends and show them who’s King of the Sea. Visit Sea Venture Watersports (jetskibermuda.com), Somerset Bridge Watersports (bermudawatersports.com) or Fantasea Bermuda (fantasea.bm) for tour schedules and rates.

5 Charter a luxury boat for a posh party

Summertime fun on the water isn’t complete without a little bit of lux. For a night of decadence, dress up, grab a glass of Champagne and climb aboard one of Bermuda’s poshest charter boats. Those in search of the silver spoon need look no further than the Venetian (venetian.bm), a 100-foot Azimut-Benetti yacht, available for breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight excursions.

If Bermudian flavour is what you’re after, the Sally Bum Bum (sallybumbum.com) is a fully stocked catamaran boasting laid-back vibes and tons of fun. More intimate groups are welcome to enjoy a sunset dinner aboard Holding Firm II (exclusivechartersbda.com), where hospitality, delicious food and cocktails never run short.

6 Keep calm and kayak

Perhaps the most peaceful way to take in Bermuda’s natural splendor is paddling a kayak. Join an entertaining tour with Fantasea (fantasea.bm), where your kayak has a glassbottom that offers unrivaled views of Bermuda’s underwater world. Land creatures will also be pointed out as you make your way to secluded beaches on uninhabited islands for rest and relaxation.

For unguided tours and a chance to see Bermuda on your own terms, head to Somerset Bridge Watersports (bdawatersports.com) for access to the West End, including Ely’s Harbour and Mangrove Bay. Try Blue Hole Watersports (blueholewater.bm) to explore the East End of Bermuda, including Castle Harbour, St. George’s Harbour and Bailey’s Bay.

7 Slow down and snorkel Bermuda’s reefs

Submerse yourself in Bermuda’s waters with a mask and snorkel, and get up close and personal with Bermuda’s marine life. Embark on your own via South Shore beaches like Church Bay or John Smith’s Bay for an experience unhindered by time limits or pricing. Alternatively, if the expert knowledge of Bermuda’s tour guides and deeper water is what you’re looking for, join Snorkel Bermuda (snorkelbermuda.com) for a trip to Western Blue Cut and a visit to Bermuda’s most accessible shipwrecks.

8 Reach new heights on a parasailing tour

See Bermuda from new heights while strapped into the harness of a parasail! Pass over Bermuda’s pink beaches, rocky shores and deep blue waters in a trip designed for the young and adventurous. Don’t forget to bring your camera‚Äîthe photo opportunities from this height are extraordinary. For a sky-high tour of the West End, contact K.S. Watersports (kswatersports.com). They have sent more than 25,000 adventurers aloft!

9 Explore the ocean floor through helmet diving

Perhaps one of the most interesting ways to see Bermuda under water is through the window of a dive helmet. Much less complicated than SCUBA, you don’t need certification to journey to Bermuda’s depths. There’s no need to surface for air, and you’re able to get closer to fish than you could with a mask and snorkel. Join Greg Hartley, whose father invented the Hartley Diving Helmet, for an afternoon of close encounters with fish who are so used to the diving boat’s arrival, they allow you to hold and pet them. Even better, Hartley will take your photograph underwater, so you’ll have proof of your descent. Hartley’s Undersea Walk Bermuda (hartleybermuda.com)

10 Power snorkel your way to Bermuda’s depths

Perfect for those who wish to explore Bermuda’s underwater world but aren’t interested in SCUBA, the Aqua Power Scooter propels you through the water at a speed faster than swimming, allowing you to cover more ground and get a closer look at the plants and animals that live on the ocean floor. Renting the Aqua Power Scooter gives you free entry to Snorkel Park, where you’ll receive a complimentary cocktail after your underwater journey. Book your trip through Fantasea Bermuda (fantasea.bm).