You’ll savour your Bermuda fish sandwich more if you’ve caught the fish yourself. In today’s Bermuda, where smart phones are more prevalent than fishing lines, it’s easier to buy fish from your local angler than head out at dawn to reel it in yourself. But it’s not nearly as much fun. Honour your ancestors and enjoy a deep-sea fishing trip at least once this summer!

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And when you return to land, cook up a delicious traditional Bermuda Fish Sandwich with the fish you caught!

Traditional Bermuda Fish Sandwich Recipe

Boneless fish fillets

2 Slices of raisin bread




Tartar Sauce

Lemon Juice

Pinch of seasoned salt

Marinade your fish for 30 minutes if sitting on the counter or 1-2 hours if in the fridge in fresh squeezed lemon juice and chardonnay.

Grill, deep fry, broil your fish fillets. Once the fish is prepared, set it aside.

Lightly toast bread.

Plate one slice of bread and spread with tartar sauce. Put down a layer of fish and squeeze a wedge of lemon juice over the top. Cover with lettuce, tomato and onion. Top with second slice of bread and cut in half before enjoying.