There are some things that become deeply engrained in those who grow up in Bermuda and other things you should learn to do if you’re going to live here.


How to Get out of a Riptide
If you don’t know this by now, here’s all the information you need: rip currents pull swimmers away from shore, but you shouldn’t swim against them! Swim parallel to the shore in order to get out of the rip current and slowly swim diagonally back in.


Treating a Portuguese Man O’ War Sting
No, don’t pee on your aceboy who just got stung! Peeing on a jellyfish sting can actually make it worse – the best course of action is to use vinegar to dab at the area, or if that’s not available, seawater. Before dabbing at anything though, make sure any of the nematocysts still stuck to the skin are rinsed off in the ocean! When you get home, using shaving cream and a razor or cloth to shave off any leftover nematocysts.


Cliff Jumping
If you’re a Bermudian, you have to have gone cliff jumping, but there’s an easy way to do it wrong. If you wait till low tide, you’re just asking for trouble – only jump in places known to be safe to do so, such as the cliffs at Horseshoe Bay and Admiralty House. It’s so easy to hit a reef, or the bottom, by accident and end up unconscious.


How to Carry Just About Anything on Your Moped
We’ve all been there: need to be somewhere, it’s too far to walk, and you need to bring a 12-foot ladder with you. Naturally, it gets shoved on your bike. Every Bermudian needs the skills to carry things on a moped that were never designed to be there.


Drinking Safely
Bermudians are always the life of the party, and with alcohol at every event, you’ve got to know how to enjoy your beverages safely. Always arrange to sleep over, or have some way of getting home so that you’re never driving drunk. Also, it’s easy to become dehydrated when drinking (which is what causes hangovers), so if you’re doing it in the sun, make sure to drink plenty of water, too.

How to Make a Bermuda Kite
If you wouldn’t know where to start making a Bermuda kite you can see yourself out right now. This Bermuda culture essential is the type of thing you should teach to your first-born and cherish the memory! If you’re still ignorant, take a look at this video and learn something new with Eugene O’Connor.


How to Drive on Wet Roads
One of the most treacherous conditions for bike riders is when the roads have just been misted with rain. This makes the oil in the road rise to the surface and gets the roads extra slick. Minimize the use of your brakes on wet roads to avoid sliding out; instead simply de-accelerate by letting go of the throttle, and travel more slowly in general.


Shooting a Plantain Bullet
Every Bermudian in youth must have learned this vital skill to stand a chance against relentless siblings. Plantain is that weed in your yard with the long stalk ending in a brown head with white pollen coming out of it. You’ve got to loop the stem around the head and fire with increasing power for more distance.


Knowing Instinctively When it’s Going to Rain
I don’t know if this one can be taught, I’m afraid. You just have to smell it in the air and feel it in your little Bermudian heart. Maybe also you took a sneaky peak at the weather radar, or spotted some cows lying down which tipped your instincts off.



Telling the Ripeness of Loquats and Cherries
I’m sure you’ve figured it out pretty quickly if you’ve ever spent a cheeky afternoon eating unripe fruits, only to have an upset tummy later on. Suriname cherries are ripe when they’re big and red, while loquats are ripe in late winter or early spring, when they turn yellow.


Free Diving
We’re assuming you know how to swim already. Though getting SCUBA certified is not available to many, free diving is an essential skill! How else are you going to bring lobsters back up for dinner? Or just dive for a nice shell or for a better look at a sea cucumber?


Making Yeast Popcorn
This Bermudian snack is healthy and tasty, and it confuses many non-Bermudians. You can make popcorn on the stove? I thought yeast was that stuff that makes bread rise? Just pour olive oil into a pot and cover the bottom in a layer of popcorn kernels. Pop the lid on and put it on a high heat, shaking the pot when the kernels start to pop. When all the kernels have popped, sprinkle with nutritional yeast.


How to Clean your Tank
By law your tank has to be cleaned every six years. I’m sure there are many of us out there who have never cleaned their tank, but it’s important to do so to prevent the build up of sediment, and the contamination of your water supply! Here’s a guide on how to clean your tank.


Mixing a Rum Swizzle
The quintessential Bermudian drink, rum swizzles are easy to make and perfect. The official Goslings recipe states it’s made with 4 oz black rum, 4oz gold rum, 5oz pineapple juice, 5 oz orange juice, ¾ oz grenadine, and 6 dashes of bitters. You can get fancier, or more basic – I’m sure we’ve all mixed a “rum swizzle” by pouring a bit of rum into a half drunk bottle of Welch’s fruit punch at least once.



How to Sail
This skill takes a little more time to explain then we have time for in this article, but nonetheless is an essential part of any islander’s skill set. You never know when one of those Newport boats will be short a crew member to sail back, but you’ll have to turn them down because you never got your sea legs. There are many sailing summer camps available for kids, and adults can become part of a crew at the RBYC.


How to Prepare for a Hurricane
Hurricanes are commonplace in Bermuda, but that doesn’t mean we should be blasé about them. Stock up on snacks, drinks and games for your hurricane party, but don’t forget the practical considerations to bring your family and assets through the storm safely. Check out tips on how to prepare here.


How to Kill a Roach
We’ve all been ambushed by one of these monstrosities and we’ve all learned by now that sometimes bug spray simply does not cut it! Land a direct shot to one of these troopers and they’ll still scuttle around with antennae twitching. The only sure fire way is a well-placed whack with a flat-bottomed shoe.


How to Conserve Water
We’ve all been there – one minute into a shower, all soaped up, and the water starts to spit and gives out, and your pump starts making awful noises. Someone’s used up all the water, and you have to be at work in a few minutes. Check out these articles from Bernews and the RG for some great water saving tips that will help both you and the planet.


How to Prevent Mould
There’s a constant battle with mould in Bermuda because of how damp we are. Your shoes turn green if you haven’t worn them for a while, your clothes go musty, and it even appears on your walls. Check out this article for tips on how to get rid of mould and reduce dampness in your house.