AirBnB recently launched “experiences” here in Bermuda, which essentially gives locals the opportunity to show visitors to our island parts of Bermuda they wouldn’t ordinarily see. But you don’t have to be a tourist to take advantage of these incredible experiences; even if you’ve lived in Bermuda your whole life, there are still many places to explore and many things to do. So sign-up for an AirBnB experience and learn something fascinating you never knew before or pick up a skill you’ve always wanted to obtain.


1. Sip and Paint at Devonshire Bay
Join Kimberley, a local visual artist for an art workshop at Devonshire Bay. Kimberley will help you create one-of-a-kind artwork in the form of a hand-painted post card or full-size painting. Art supplies and beverages will be included, as will comfortable cushions to sit on. The cost is $80 per person. Click here to book!


2. Thrift Shop Experience
Dive deep into Bermuda’s thrift shops with Shelly who has been living and teaching in Bermuda for 40 years. Shelly has extensive knowledge in purchasing from auctions, thrift shops and tag sales and offers her insight into what is a worthy purchase. Shops visited include The Red Cross, The Bargain Box, P.A.L.S., Encore, The Barn, Orange Bay Company and Steven Lusher Antiques. The cost is $55 per person and includes transportation. Click here to book!


3. ExploreMore Photography Tour of Bermuda’s Beaches
If you’ve every wanted to learn more about photography, now’s your chance. Local photographer, Paul Sawden invites you to join him in an exploration of Bermuda’s most beautiful beaches and along the way, he’ll instruct you on the best ways to photograph your exquisite surroundings. All skill levels are encouraged to join. The cost is $135 per person. Click here to book!


4. Fly Over Paradise Drone Experience
Have you ever wished to fly high over the island and see picturesque Bermuda from a vantage point? Kyle is a FAA certified commercial pilot and believes that everyone should get the opportunity to experience Bermuda from great heights. Kyle will begin by teaching you the basics of maneuvering a drone before allowing you to fly in First Person View to get a taste of what seeing Bermuda from a 300-foot vantage point is like. The cost is $85 per person. Click here to book!


5. Explore Bermuda’s Reef with Ocean Hero
Weldon Wade is one of the most prolific local divers, in fact he is the first and only Bermudian certified SCUBA diver, rebreather and free diver. Weldon invites you to join him as he snorkels the reefs that surround our tiny island. Along the way he will point out different species of fish and you may even get the opportunity to explore a shipwreck. The cost to join is $150 per person. Click here to book!