Sometimes, the journey is really more important than the destination. In this list, we look at five modes of transportation every Bermudian has tried.


1. Boat
If your family has a boat, chances are you learned to drive on the water before you learned to drive on land. Boats remove a lot of the high speeds and compact spaces that create unsafe situations on roads, but many more things need to be taken into account; like right of way, keel, chop, reefs and other obstacles. If you’ve never traveled by boat, there’s an easy way to remedy the situation – living on an island, Bermuda boasts ferries as public transportation.

If you’re feeling more adventurous and you’d like to drive yourself, rent a boat from Island Tour Centre.


2. Bicycle
Much loved by tourists and locals alike in old Bermuda, bicycles are one of the best transportation methods for those of us who want to make the most out of getting from point A to B. The hilly roads of Bermuda give cyclists a run for their money, and don’t contribute any pollution to the environment.



3. Moped
Almost every Bermudian has ridden a moped and probably fallen off one, at least once. These plucky motorized vehicles are perfect for Bermuda’s roads, as they are small enough to take tight corners. What they’re not perfect for is riding in the rain, or carrying large items, but Bermudians are also experts at configuring space on a moped for almost anything.



4. Horse
There’s no reason to wait until your wedding day to be transported by horse – join a trail ride and enjoy the scenery of Bermuda from horseback. Horseback riding is an unparalleled way to explore Bermuda – step back in time and pretend you’re one of Bermuda’s only settlers, using natural instead of mechanical transportation to get around.


5. Twizy
These zippy little cars are all the rage in Bermuda and with all the maneuverability of a moped, they’re safer to drive and offer more protection from the rain than scooters! What really distinguishes these cars is that they’re electric, producing no dangerous emissions that are damaging to the atmosphere and there are charging stations at several locations around the island, so that Twizy renters and recharge their cars easily. Running on electricity also makes them very cost-effective, as you don’t have to pay for gas! Even if you have your own transportation, renting a Twizy is fun and exciting and a great way to look at Bermuda in a new light, zooming along in these compact, leisurely cars.