The waters are less crowded than in the summer months but still warm enough to enjoy. Get your final fix of Bermuda’s beautiful water before the inevitable rainy weather comes! Here are 5 ways to enjoy the water this fall. 

1. Catch Yourself a Lobster
For those who don’t want to pay restaurant prices, live lobsters can be found at roadside stalls, or there is the do-it-yourself option. A recreational lobster license costs $130 and limits the holder to two lobsters (spiny or guinea chick) per day. Make sure you follow the rules though! Unlike other regions, SCUBA gear and spear guns cannot be used in Bermuda. Instead, divers hold their breath and snare the lobsters with a wire noose on the end of a flexible pole. The DENR’s 2018–2019 report indicates 38 percent of the reported catches were taken in September when the water is warmer and usually calmer… so get catching!

2. Buzz Around in a Boston Whaler
There is no better way to zip around Bermuda’s shores than in an easy-to-manage Boston Whaler. Rent out of the West End and explore Mangrove Bay, Ely’s Harbour, and the Great Sound, or from the East End and cruise through the crystal clear waters and pristine beauty of Castle Island Nature Reserve, St. George’s Harbour or the many islands around St. David’s. Visit KS Watersports at to book.

3. Dine Waterside
Now it is a bit cooler and the sunsets are earlier, enjoy dining with the ocean air before the winter storms settle in. Bermuda’s best waterside restaurants include Sea Breeze (232-3999), located at the Lido Complex at Elbow Beach, with great food and phenomenal views. Coconuts at The Reefs (238-0222) is the ultimate getaway, the place to go when you wish to be transported. Situated on a roofed deck built into the cliff face of the hotel property, Coconuts overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Breezes at Cambridge Beaches (234-0331) has old-Bermuda charm and always seems to be doused in sunshine.

4. Rig Up and Learn to Sail
Looking for a socially distanced sport? Both RHADC and RBYC offer adult sailing lessons aboard J24 keelboats and 420 dinghies, teaching the basics in small-boat sailing to adults keen to learn. Partake in a learn-to-sail beginners’ course or brush up on existing knowledge with intermediate or advanced training. Call RHADC at 236-2250 or RBYC at 295-2214 to learn more.

5. Get Electric!
Bermuda Electric Boat Company has an eco-friendly alternative to your average boat rental. These cute little boats are easy to rent and pick up from Barr’s Park. It has a handy table for your picnic spread and an awning to keep all your guests protected from the sun’s rays. You can even choose from Bermuda blue or pink, what could be more Bermudian than that? Visit to book.