Spring is one of the busiest times in our oceans, not for locals or tourists, but for marine wildlife. The water is still cold enough to have amazing clarity, perfect for diving or lionfishing, while the air is warm enough to spend a couple hours atop the waves whale watching or surfing. We think spring is the perfect opportunity enjoy the water in new ways! 


Whale Watching
Every spring Bermuda’s biggest and most majestic tourists visit our island and this year they are more welcome than most. These humpbacks spend their winters in the warm waters of the Caribbean and travel to the cooler waters of Canada, Iceland and Greenland to feed during the summer months. With Bermuda situated in the mid-Atlantic, we are perfectly poised to accept these whales as they travel north. The humpbacks migration signal a natural phenomenon that remains the same no matter how crazy the year might have been on land. Right now consistency might be the most soothing thing in the world. So whether it’s a stroll down South Shore on a sunny day, booking a spot on one of the whale watching tours run by the Island Tour Centre or donning a captain’s hat and taking your own boat out for an adventure, whale watching is one of the best ways to enjoy the water this spring. Make sure to wear layers, as spring weather is always temperamental and don’t forget your camera! There’s nothing worst than spotting a humpback’s spout and not capturing that picture perfect moment to savour once these beautiful mammals have departed.

To join a local whale-watching tour, visit Island Tour Centre or call (441) 236-1300.



Large spectator sports have been cancelled for over a year now and we cannot wait to herald their return with the first SailGP race to be held in Bermuda. The last high-octane sailing event to be held on our shores was the 2017 America’s Cup and crowd favourites such as the likes of Sir Ben Ainslie, who is taking over as skipper for Team GB, alongside his America’s Cup teammates Chris Draper and Iain Jensen. Those aren’t the only names you’ll remember from 2017 though. Former Oracle Team USA strategist Tom Slingsby is representing Australia. There are 18 Olympic athletes in total competing in teams from UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Japan, France and Denmark. Similar to the America’s Cup, the best view of the race will be from the water and boats will be able to anchor and raft up along the racetrack. The Island Tour Centre is also offering tickets for on-water fan experiences with two packages – access and premium. There will also be on-land spectator stands with concessions, merchandise and live commentary.

Visit SailGP.com for more information and up-to-date changes



Lionfish Hunting
Dusk and dawn are the best times to dive deep and stick some of Bermuda’s most dangerous invasive species: lionfish. Now the clocks have sprung forward you don’t have to wake up as early, or rush in the evening to catch these ideal lionfish culling windows. The Bermuda Lionfish Task Force is also planning another 9 day competition this spring, after catching a record-breaking 1000 lionfish during their month-long Winter Derby. There is no better time to don your wetsuits and spear fishing equipment (or rent them from local dive shops) and take to the water, with the appropriate lionfish hunting permit, of course. The permit allows you to hunt lionfish in circumstances that are usually prohibited such as within a mile offshore, using SCUBA gear, and on protected wrecks. This makes lionfishing one of the most accessible ways to experience spearfishing. The Bermuda Lionfish Task Force also suggest any kind of snorkelling or SCUBA diving in spring is a great way to spot lionfish and better understand where they can be found and eliminated.

For more information or to find out when the next training course will be held, please visit:  www.facebook.com/BermudaLionfishCullingProgram or contact: permits@lionfish.bm



Seafront Dining
Al-fresco dining really got its moment in the sun last summer and is on track to be a big hit again now the weather is warming up. Seaside dining is the crème-de-la-crème of culinary experiences and lucky for us, Bermuda has a whole range of ways to enjoy a meal overlooking the Atlantic. The Pink Beach Club has an airy, austere ambiance created by the 180-degree view of South Shore. With no windows or walls, there is nothing between you and the sea air. If a chilly ocean breeze does spring up, do not fear there are standing heaters and blankets to warm you and the ocean roar can still be heard through the windbreaker blinds. For a less extravagant dockside meal, why not try White Horse or Wahoo’s looking out over St. George’s harbour? Both boast amazing local fare and even better cocktails to unwind dockside. Even better, feast on the beach! BQ Beach Grill is a 30 second walk from the high tide mark on John Smith’s Bay. Causal and colourful, you can chow down with sand on your feet and salt in your hair watching the pastel clouds of a South Shore sunset.



Surfing Lessons
Our locals have a wealth of experiences they love to share with other islanders and tourist alike and “Cheese” Bridges is one of them. Bridges is part of the the small but growing community of surfers on the island. Bermuda is known for its calm, clear oceans but, if you know where to find them, quality swells abound depending on the tide, location, wind and other weather related deviances. This is the perfect way to get in the water and try something new and exhilarating. The lessons include board rentals and wetsuits so you don’t have to worry about catching a chill in the slightly colder water. Your guide will show you the best local surf spots that are off the beaten path. Whether you want to start a new hobby or are just interested in seeing Bermuda’s waters from a different perspective, this experience will not disappoint.

Book a group lesson with your family at bermudadventure@gmail.com or call 441-707-5002.