Located on the west of Pitt’s Bay Road, this concentration of old and expensive houses and properties covers the two peninsulas of Mill Shares and Point Shares. Named Fairyland or Fairylands depending on which map you’re checking, this charming neighbourhood boasts idyllic, winding byways with lovely views. A little exploring will also yield wetland areas including Fairyland Creek and Mill Creek, both inlets near local islands.

  1. Fairylands takes its name from the Celtic mythology and was conceived by wealthier merchants who had established businesses in the city of Hamilton and wanted to live near the city but just far enough away to be quiet. The picturesque ocean views also played a part in their decision.
  2. In the summer of 1980, just a few months before he was murdered, John Lennon spent a peaceful two months in Bermuda, staying at a waterfront rental home in Fairylands. During his stay he wrote or completed numerous songs for what would be his final two albums, Double Fantasy and Milk & Honey, while also sailing, meeting locals, shopping in Hamilton and exploring historic and postcard-pretty settings.
  3. Point Shares, the westernmost and southern peninsula of Fairylands, was purchased in 1643 by Solomon Middleton from William Berkeley. At that time, tracts of land were called shares by the 17th century Bermuda Company, thus it was called Point Shares.
  4. In November of 2012, two of the six Fairylands area islands were listed for sale – the 0.504-acre Goose Island and 1.062-acre Bird Island. Both islands are zoned to preserve the environment and natural habitats there.
  5. The area has inspired many artists, perhaps most notably American painter, Ross Sterling Turner. In 1890 he painted a watercolour called ‘Fairylands, Bermuda’.
  6. Black Wood Pond marks the border between the Point Shares peninsula and the rest of Fairylands. On the north side of the pond is one of Bermuda’s oldest bridges.