It is scientifically proven that getting away from your desk or enjoying a walk and some green space will increase your productivity and boost your mood. Now that the weather is beginning to cool down, why not take a real break for your next lunch hour and explore any of these fantastic picnic spots in the City of Hamilton.

1. Fort Hamilton
Fort Hamilton is a serene slice of history at the edge of town. Well worth the short walk, the fort is immaculately preserved. There are plenty of picnic tables tucked in amongst various well-landscaped lawns for lunch with a harbour view. Re-energize and relax before heading back to the office with a stroll around the old moat, now transformed into a lush garden.

2. Barr’s Bay Park
The breeze off the water and the fluttering of signal flags strung along the boats’ masts make the city seem like a distance memory. This park, overlooking the marina, is the perfect midday respite. Surrounded by the principal international finance offices, for any employees looking to maximize precious time away from your desk, this spot is ideal. This park has plenty of benches along the dock. Take note of the statue and plaque in the center of the park- it is part of Bermuda’s African Diaspora Heritage Trail and is a tribute to the 78 enslaved persons who arrived in Bermuda in 1835 onboard the Enterprise when the ship encountered a storm. As slavery had been abolished in Bermuda the year before, the enslaved persons were given the opportunity to stay in Bermuda and be free. The statue, commemorating this important historical event is called We Arrive and was sculpted by local artist, Chesley Trott.

3. Cathedral of The Most Holy Trinity
What better place to enjoy your lunch than in the shade of a gothic masterpiece? Or if you want to get active on your break, for $3, you can climb the approximately 155 stairs to the top of the cathedral tower. At the top, you will find panoramic views of the island. It’s hard not to feel like any of your troubles are far away from this height.

4. Queen Elizabeth Park (Par La Ville Park)
This green gem sparkles in the center of Hamilton. There are many benches and grassy knolls under the shade of the pergola arch or the large Poinciana tree. In the 19th century, this was once the garden and orange orchard of William B. Perot, the first postmaster of Bermuda. Perot preferred gardening to his mail duties and spent much of his time honing his green thumb. The notable highlights include expansive flower beds, a koi pond, and the Bermuda National Gallery’s sculpture collection.

5. City Hall Steps
Embrace the heartbeat of the city by watching the hustle and bustle swirl around you. Or, if you are looking for a cultured lunch break, pop inside to view local and international artworks at the Bermuda National Gallery and Bermuda Society of Arts.

6. Victoria Park
Just behind the City Hall, you’ll find a peaceful Eden in Victoria Park. Large shady trees protect the benches, pathways, and English-style sunken gardens. The grand bandstand, glittering with gold, blue and white hues, was purchased from Scotland to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887. Take a trip back in time and enjoy the historic focal point of this spot.

7. Albuoy’s Point
Though often thought of as the place to be picked up or dropped off from when boating, there are ample benches and picnic tables that make it a popular lunch locale. Its positioning as a peninsula means you can take a step outside of the city while still being a short walk away. Reminisce about weekends gone by spent out on the water and plan the weekend to come while enjoying your meal.