We may come from different parishes, go to different schools and rep different teams at Cup Match, but there are certain things that every Bermudian can say they’ve experienced. No matter how different we are, these shared experiences bring us together.

Being Spooked by a Fish
Even though we grow up in the water, there’s still some part of us that is a little apprehensive about what could come up from the depths. Maybe you leapt out of the water because of a parrotfish darting out of the reef, and your friends laughed at you, or perhaps you turned around to see the shiny spear of a barracuda eyeing you. It’s important to remember that the only explicitly dangerous fish in our waters are lionfish and stonefish.

Getting Caught Up in the Backroads of St. George’s
The snickers and alleys that make up the constellation of roadways in St. George’s are as unique and historic as the little town itself. While walking and biking these narrow streets is safe and enjoyable, we don’t recommend driving if you’re a newbie: attempting to squeeze an oversized SUV through these small one-way alleys is akin to pushing a watermelon through a pinhead.

Eating a Bad Fruit or Honeysuckle Right Off the Bush
Probably the worst feeling in the world – Mother Nature in Bermuda herself has declined your happiness personally. It’s just terrible when you spend time agonizing over the plumpest cherry or the ripest loquat only to find it’s a dud. Roadside honeysuckle is a culprit too – supplying that lovely nectar of… exhaust fumes?

Capsizing in a Boat
Whether you’re a once-in-a-blue-moon sailboat passenger, or a race-day-ready seadog, every Bermudian has been in a boat on the wrong side of the ocean. Let’s hope you stay upright if you decide to go on a leisurely cruise or a kayak this winter, and successfully avoid a dip in the water until the end of May! Have a look at our photo gallery of vintage non-mariners photos!

That Gross Feeling of Sand, Inside the Sock, Inside the Sneaker
The most miserable minor inconvenience. Maybe you went on a walk this winter and didn’t even get your toes wet – but the moist sand still sticks to every inch of skin. And you’re forced to put your sneakers on to walk home, all the while with little grains of sand grating between your toes.

Being Caught in the Grocery Store for 45 minutes Longer than Usual after Running into Someone You Know
Or maybe running into multiple people. It’s almost impossible to complete an outing without running into an old friend or colleague. To the dismay of your children who just wanted some chocolate milk, now you’ll all be trapped in Lindo’s for the better part of an hour having a chat with someone you didn’t bank on seeing.

Getting Drenched in a Sudden Downpour
It’s happened to all of us, usually when we’re dressed to the nines for work or some event. Maybe it’s a perfectly sunny day when you leave the house, and halfway through your journey, you’re caught out and drenched in less than a second. Or maybe you walk out for your lunch break and it starts to rain when you’ve gotten your soup, and in the minutes it takes for you to run back to your office, you’re soaked.