As anyone who has ever visited Bermuda’s shores knows, our island is an idyllic place. In fact, for centuries poets and novelists have used Bermuda as the setting for major works, including poetry by Mark Twain, William Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Peter Benchley’s The Deep. Aside from the written word, many movies were filmed in Bermuda, some perhaps you’ve never even heard of but are certainly worth watching. Here are the most noteworthy films set on our tiny, little island.

#1. The Deep
Starring the magnificent Jacqueline Bisset and Oscar-nominated Nick Nolte, The Deep was filmed in Bermuda in 1976 and tells the tale of two amateur treasure-hunting divers who have a run-in with local criminals when they discover the lost cargo of a World War II shipwreck. 

#2. The Ivory Ape
Written by Arthur Rankin Jr., The Ivory Ape was produced in 1980 and starred Jack Plance, Steven Keats and Cindy Picket. The fictional film’s storyline involves an aggressive ape accidentally imported to Bermuda via a freighter. Two anthropologists want to save the creature while local authorities want to hire a big-game hunter to track it down and kill it. 

#3. Chapter Two
While not set in Bermuda in its entirety, Chapter Two follows George Schneider, an author whose wife has just died. His brother Leo gives him the number of Jennie Malone, and somehow they hit it off, and after a whirlwind two-week romance, the two marry and honeymoon in Bermuda. Chapter Two was produced in 1979 and starred James Caan and Marsha Mason. Look out for scenes of Bermuda at the 1:34 minute mark in the below trailer for Chapter Two.

#4. The Bermuda Depths
The Bermuda Depths is another film written by Arthur Rankin Jr. and produced in 1978. The film stars Leigh McCloskey, Carl Weathers and Connie Sellecca and follows scientists investigating the briny deep when they are threatened by a giant turtle. 

#5. Neptune’s Daughter
A silent film, shot in 1914, Neptunes Daughter follows the story of the daughter of King Neptune who is determined to avenge the death of her sister who was caught in a fishing net. Her plans are squashed when she falls in love with the man upon whom she planned to take her

revenge. Many scenes were filmed on Agar’s Island, most notably a scene of Neptune’s daughter swimming through the aquarium that was housed on the island. 

#6. The Admirable Crickton
Filmed in 1957, The Admiable Crickton, referred to as Paradise Lagoon on IMDb, tells the tale of an aristocratic family, who, along with their staff are shipwrecked on Bermuda’s shores. When learning how to survive in paradise, social order is upended and the butler is named Governor of the island. See below the full length film (Bermuda appears for the first time at the 25:04 minute mark).

#7. Maternal Secrets
Directed by Bermuda’s own Lucinda Spurling, Maternal Secrets was produced in 2018 and stars Kate Mansi, Kelly McGillis and Brooke Burfitt. The fictional film tells the tale of what happens when a US state senator goes missing while on vacation in Bermuda. 

#8. That Touch of Mink
Featuring the greatest Hollywood stars of their day, Cary Grant and Doris Day, That Touch of Mink, filmed in 1962 follows a rich businessman and a young woman who are attracted to each other, but he only wants an affair while she wants to save herself for marriage. Parts of the film were shot in Bermuda, namely the couple in a horse and buggy in St. George’s.