Somerset, a sleepy village on the western end of the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda, is sometimes known as “rural Bermuda” and we have the vintage images to prove it. Escape to the western countryside of Bermuda with these blissful vintage snapshots from our archives.  

An old salt spins humorous yarns for a young couple on a visit of Somerset Village at the public wharf dock.

Timber footbridge leading to Hospital Island in Lagoon Park.

A soft-topped vintage convertible stops to take in the views of scenic, Mangrove Bay.

Aerial view of Sandys Parish. The church overlooking the sea is St. James Anglican Church and the island upper right is Daniel’s Head, the westernmost point of the Bermuda Island Chain.

Tranquil scenes at Ely’s Harbour.

At tiny somerset bridge road traffic is halted to allow passage of a sailboat from Ely’s Harbour into the Great Sound.

Mangrove Bay, Sandys Parish.

Springfield Library.