This issue celebrates Bermuda’s myriad mouth-watering foods that have evolved over time along with new tastes that have awakened and revived the ever-growing culinary scene.

Such variety satisfies everyone’s taste.
Our close connection to the sea and desire to be more self-sufficient have brought the locavore movement into the limelight. A growing group of enterprising artisanal newcomers are joining established food businesses to feed residents hungry for locally produced culinary treats. You’ll discover where to buy fresh, locally grown produce directly from farmers on Saturdays and throughout the week.

Savouring local fish and lobster in season is one of the natural benefits of our mid-Atlantic location. Whether you or someone else catches the fish, find out how to cook them best so every ounce of flavour comes to the fore. And follow the taste trail to discover where the best fish chowder is served and why it makes the grade.

The owners of the island’s fleet of food trucks showcase their specialties that have long been lunchtime favourites. You’ll want to pay them a visit and find out firsthand what makes their offerings so tasty.

Food trends are forever changing, and many restaurateurs are renewing their vows to introduce innovative dishes alongside proven favourites to pique patrons’ palates and keep them coming back while attracting newcomers to the fold. Despite challenging economic times, local foodies are happy that at least one new restaurant has opened. The brave new owners followed their belief that the time is just right.


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Fresh Fish: with the Atlantic Ocean on our doorstep, fresh local seafood is within reach year round – click HERE!

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