With the 2023 Bermuda Triple Crown Tournaments upon us, and more than $1 million cash and prizes up for grabs, we celebrate with a look back at Bermuda fishing from the 1930’s.  The Annual Game Fishing Tournament has been taking place in Bermuda since the 30’s, as fishing was quite a popular sport at this time. Most of the teams were made up of locals and tourists, and women were included too. These photos represent tournament catch, local fishing and even record breaking fish!

The four tournaments this July are:

  • Bermuda Bluefish Blast July 3-7
  • Bermuda Billfish Release Cup July 9-11
  • Bermuda Big Game Classic July 13-17
  • Sea Horse Anglers Club Billfish Tournament July 20-24
December 1935. Two men displaying their catch after a day’s deep sea fishing
July 1937. One of the groups and their catch from the Annual Game Fishing Tournament
July 1937. “Johnny Shark took all but the head of the big Allison tuna which, judging from the remains, weighed in the neighbourhood of 140 lbs”
September 1937. John Roosevelt and his bride went fishing aboard Capt. Christiansons “Troubador”
December 1938. Harry J. Tucker with his 146 pound amber fish, which broke the world’s record!
December 1938. Men carrying a rockfish across Front Street
January 1939. Fishermen extracting a whole tuna from a shark’s stomach aboard ‘Wally II’
July 1939. New Bermuda record for wahoo – 91.5 lbs
July 1939. “It took Edward MacRonald half an hour to boat this 52lb white marlin, the first of the year”
October 1939. New marlin record: Normal Morrell and Roy Taylor aboard ‘Wally II’ with the 131 lb blue marlin hooked and boated by Morrell