Summertime in Bermuda is synonymous with time spent at the beach, sojourning all day in the sun, sand between toes, salt on skin, and of course, a drink in hand. If you’re looking for creative ways to host family and friends on the beach this summer, here are some suggestions for four party ideas at four fabulous locales.

  • The Set Up: Tips on What to Bring and What Not To
  • The key to a great time at the beach is minimalism: bring only the essentials and leave the distractions at home. To maximise the day, bring an umbrella or tent – depending on group size – for much needed breaks from the summer sun. Another must-have: a cooler – with plenty of ice – stocked with your favourite homemade and canned drinks! Folding tables are another necessity and make for easy pop-up bars on the beach. Other essentials include a few folding chairs, a portable speaker and trash bags for easy clean up. You can never go wrong with some fun beach games, getting competitive spirits high amongst the group with some paddle ball, cornhole, Spike Ball, or even beach volleyball.

The Food

No beach party is complete without something to snack on. If you’re looking for small, shareable dishes to pass around, Miles Market has a great spread of pasta salads, sandwiches, and daily hot specials ready to grab and go. For larger parties, potluck is always a great option, too! To avoid overlap, give your guests plenty of time to prepare, divvying up dishes to pull together the perfect beach day spread. 

If you’re wanting a more casual, fast-food option, KFC has great sized meals and combos for sharing and feeding a crowd. Sometimes, there really is nothing better than enjoying a bucket of crispy chicken and crinkle-cut fries on the beach, washing it down with an ice-cold cocktail. Another quick and hassle-free option is food trucks, with a spattering of wagons across the island, this is a great way to support local businesses on the way to the beach!

If you’re more of an at-home preparer, packing some simple sandwiches or wraps is always an easy option. Create a smorgasbord of sandwiches for your guests, ensuring there’s something for everyone: ham & cheddar, turkey & brie, tuna fish, BLT’s – get creative!

The Music

With food, family or friends, alongside your beach essentials, music is the only missing part to your perfect beach party. A large, charged speaker should be the final packing piece for the day. The right playlist can boost the entire ambiance of your festivities. Take the stress out of being the designated DJ and let the queue of a preloaded playlist take the lead. For larger group sizes, consider hiring a professional DJ for the afternoon and let them curate a day filled with good vibrations and lively summertime beats.

Day Party – Tobacco Bay

This beautiful piece of paradise has everything you could ever want for a day of partying at the beach in good company. With fresh batches of their famous Rum Swizzle waiting to be poured, frozen cocktails mixing, friendly employees, and a beach to lounge on all day, we can’t think of a better place to go if you want a no-hassle day of fun. Their kitchen is ready to serve up fan-favourites like wahoo nuggets, burgers, wings and more all day long. Partake in a game of pool while you sip on your colourful cocktail, taking in the panoramic views of the turquoise bay and beyond.

Bonfire Party – Jobson’s Cove

A beach bonfire is the ultimate way to get friends or family together during the summer. To ensure a stress-free evening, hire the professionals at Bermuda Bonfires for a seamless start-to-finish bonfire experience. They’ll worry about the set up and clean up, giving you more time to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones. With packages ranging from “Basic” to “Premium” to “Party”, they can accommodate up to 30 guests at your favourite beach or bay, or even in your backyard. For smaller parties, the intimate alcoves of Astwood Park beach or Jobson’s Cove make for quaint, picturesque bonfire backdrops. For larger groups, Horseshoe Bay or Warwick Long Bay offer plenty of space to entertain!

Photo by Bermuda Bonfires

Full Moon Party – South Shore

The fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down – make an event out of the full moon risings this summer! This year, July 3rd, August 1st and 31st will boast Supermoon sightings and Sept 29th will mark the final full moon of the summer. The slew of beaches along the South Shore provides the quintessential setting to watch the moon ease over the horizon. For the daring, take a moonlit dip in the ocean and bask among the glowing, glistening waves. There’s something so alluring about the beach after dark, especially when shared with friends, making a full moon the perfect excuse to party!

Sunset Party – Somerset

With the long, unfolding days of summer to come, celebrating the sunset on or by the water is an unparalleled way to top them off. Long Bay beach is an unmatched site to take in completely uninterrupted views of the setting sun.

For our mariners, pack a picnic and take your boat to the beach by way of the water. Sidle under Watford Bridge and make your way in and out of the coves along the Cambridge beaches coastline before reaching Long Bay Park. Anchor off and take an evening dip, making your way to the beach for a serene spot to take in the slipping sun and watercoloured skies.

If you’re not a boat owner, no problem! You can rent a pontoon boat from BDA Watersports, putting you in a prime location to meander through Ely’s Harbour and into one of the coastal alcoves for sunset, or over towards Pompano for an open-ocean viewing. Bring a big, homemade pasta salad, some takeout pizzas, or a smattering of hors-d’oeuvres for the group. Complement good company and light bites with canned cocktails for simple, sunset sips and an unforgettable evening.