Smith’s Parish, home to treasures like Spittal Pond, Verdmont, and Devil’s Hole, hosts a cornucopia of choice for eating out. Here are some of our favorites.


Speciality Inn
This local diner at Collector’s Hill can seemingly do no wrong. With many Best of Bermuda Awards under its belt, Specialty Inn may as well be an official cultural landmark at this point. Their menu is splendidly diverse, featuring Bermudian fare, Italian-style pizza, a full sushi bar, and, of course, diner-style comfort food. They make their pizza dough, pastries, and burgers from scratch. It doesn’t matter whether you order sushi, pancakes, a salad, a sandwich, or nearly every kind of seafood option you can imagine. It’s tasty and served with a smile. Collector’s Hill, 4 South Shore Road, Smith’s, 236 3133


BQ Beach Grill 
Situated on the beautiful John’s Smith’s Bay, this colourful beach grill serves fresh food grilled to order and to be enjoyed at tables with a stunning view of the turquoise waves. You’ll find salad options and standard beach fare such as burgers, hot dogs, or grilled seafood that can come with their ‘sea shells’ (fried potatoes). Open in the daytime Tuesday-Thursday and late on Fridays. 86 South Road 737-8767


Rustico Restaurant and Pizzeria
Recipient of numerous Best of Bermuda Awards, Rustico is a casual dining restaurant with an excellent selection of fresh local seafood, pizza, and pasta. Rustico’s chefs knead, sauce, and top their pizzas to perfection with a selection of quality ingredients. From the simple to the sublime, the chefs at Rustico serve perfection every time. 8 North Shore Road, Flatts, 295-5212


D & C Grill
This popular roadside eatery’s original location can be found on the water at Devil’s Hole. The demand was so high for D&C fare, that in 2018 they opened a second location in Southampton. Best known for their famous jerk chicken, fish, peas and rice, macaroni and cheese, salads, a full breakfast menu, and many other comfort foods. 69 Harrington Sound Road 734-8717


Pink Beach Club at The Loren
The winner of the best hotel restaurant in the Best of Bermuda Awards, this luxury restaurant does not disappoint with its airy, austere ambiance or its delicious and healthy dishes. With a mission to use seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, the chefs at the Pink Beach Club genuinely care about quality. The restaurant’s long, wooden tables jut out on a platform straight onto the south shore. It’s hard to top the fine dining menu, but the spectacular view might do it. 116 South Shore Road 293-1666