Whether it’s a day of body surfing the South Shore or collecting sea glass with little ones, people of all ages love being at the beach in Bermuda during the summer. From the East to the West, here are the best beaches to enjoy this summer. 

Horseshoe Bay
No matter their ages, the kids are sure to love an outing to one of Bermuda’s most famous beaches: Horseshoe Bay. Older children looking for more of a thrill can rent boogie boards, snorkels and masks. And if you see a man with lots of surfboards, it might be Ian Bridges of Bermuda Adventure who gives lessons in the summer. There is no age restriction for the lessons as long as your child can swim. www.facebook.com/BermudAdventure/

Shelly Bay
Located on the north shore in Hamilton Parish, Shelly Bay is a particularly good spot for young children because it not only has an extensive stretch of shallow water, but also a fantastic playground. For a full afternoon’s excursion, pack the kids’ favourite lunch to enjoy as a picnic!


Tobacco Bay
Tobacco Bay, which is close to Fort St. Catherine just outside the Town of St. George, is a great spot for snorkelling, paddleboarding and kayaking. During the summer months, all the equipment you need can be rented, and there is a beach bar café for snacks or a meal after the fun in the water. Click HERE for more!

Clearwater Beach
Located on Cooper’s Island in St. David’s, Clearwater Beach has something to offer children of all ages. In addition to the beautiful shallow beach perfect for swimming and paddling, there is a playground and a great selection of rentals from Funworx Bermuda. Rentals include the HydroBike, which can be operated by ages 12 and up, single glass-bottom kayaks for ages 10 and up, double kayaks, in which younger children can be passengers, and paddle boats, which can fit the whole family with children four years and older. There are also kids’ kayaks suitable for ages 7–10. This is a great spot for seeing turtles while you are out on the water. Click HERE for more!


Baby Beaches

Horseshoe Bay
Horseshoe Bay is not only great for older children, but for the littlest ones as well. As you walk onto the beach, on the right hand side there is a little bay known as the “Baby Beach.” It is a calm and relatively shallow cove where your toddlers can paddle and play to their hearts’ content.

Jobson’s Cove
Situated just beside Warwick Long Bay, Jobson’s Cove is a small, secluded beach perfect for the smallest paddlers. The water is shallow enough for babies to sit safely on the shoreline and splash in the water, an activity they’ll love.

Sea Glass Beaches

Black Bay Sea Glass Beach
If your children enjoy looking for shells, they will love finding sea glass. Just a five-minute bus ride from Dockyard is Black Bay and Sea Glass Beach. The kids can explore and find plenty of colourful treasures, and there are picnic tables, so be sure to pack lunch or snacks for the kids to enjoy after the explorations.

Alexandra Battery Sea Glass Beach
At the very end of St. George’s is Alexandra Battery, which features a beautiful beach full of colourful sea glass. Pack a few baskets and encourage each child to comb the beach for the most beautiful pieces they can find. If the kids want to explore even more, take them for a look around the Alexandra Battery, which is located right beside the beach.