Summer fun isn’t just for the water, there’s plenty to do on land, too! This summer, experience Bermuda’s most worthy activities, including fun golf, a trip to Crystal Caves, a walk through the town of St. George’s, and more!

Bermuda Fun Golf
An 18-hole minigolf course, Bermuda Fun Golf offers a fantastic outing for kids of all ages. If they are old enough to walk and hold a golf club, they are old enough to play. Click HERE for more!

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse
If your children can climb the 185 steps to the top, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Southampton is worth a visit—the view from the top is spectacular! If it’s lunch or dinnertime when you reach the bottom, pop into The Dining Room for kid-sized portions of fish & chips or pasta.

Harbour Nights
Some of the best fun children of all ages can have in the City of Hamilton is on a Wednesday night after 7 p.m. During the summer months, Front Street is closed off and turned into a street market with entertainment, bouncy castles, slides and food vendors. It might be well past the little ones’ bedtime, but the Gombey dancers are worth the wait.

URB-E Electric Scooter Tours of Cooper’s Island
Hop on an URB-E electric scooter and enjoy a land tour of Cooper’s Island. The tours are offered by Funworx and are suitable for ages 12 and up. Funworx is located next to the playground, in Gombey’s, which is also a great place to have lunch, an ice cream or a snow cone after the tour. Click HERE for more!

The Crystal Caves
For a great escape from the summer heat and plenty of fun for the little ones, take a guided tour down into the caves and underground lake. Crystal Caves is suitable for kids aged two and a half and up, and Fantasy Cave is suitable for kids aged eight and up. If anyone is hungry afterwards, there is a café on the property, or you can go around the corner to Bailey’s Bay Ice Cream for a cool treat. Click HERE for more!

Take a Walk through St. George’s
The historic Town of St. George is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a great place to explore on foot. The replica stocks and pillory in King’s Square might even encourage certain children to behave themselves! There is a replica ducking stool, at which reenactments take place in period costume, the unfinished church, and plenty of little lanes to explore. Be sure to stop at any one of the town’s restaurants for a kid-friendly meal.

Family Breakfast Picnic on the Beach
For a special summer day the kids will always remember, plan a family breakfast picnic on the beach. Wake the kids up early and experience the magic of sunrise on any one of Bermuda’s south shore beaches. For some menu options, try breakfast sausages—perfect for little fingers!—mixed fruit cups, mini lemon poppy seed muffins, juice, and coffee for the grown-ups. There’s no better way to enjoy some summer family fun in Bermuda!

National Museum of Bermuda
Here the little ones can interact with dolphins, play on a unique outdoor playground and learn about Bermuda’s history in an interactive museum designed just for them. Plus, the Museum Playhouse next door is great for exploring and learning in the air-conditioning. It also teaches Bermudian history via interactive exhibits, games and fun challenges. Also, near the museum’s entrance is a more traditional playground suitable for children aged one to eight years, and a splash pad, which is open in the warmer months. Click HERE for more!