You can’t properly enjoy summertime in Bermuda without adventures on and in the water, so this summer, dedicate yourself and your family to experiencing Bermuda’s picturesque waters in new ways. If you’ve never seen the glow worms light themselves up, then venture out on a tour. Likewise, if your kids have never seen Bermuda’s depths by way of a glass-bottom boat, then take them out for a day of fun and discover. This summer is all about adventuring! 

Explore the Ocean Floor on a Glass-Bottom Boat
Delve into the vivid and extraordinary underwater vista from a glass-bottom boat. The kids will love the glimpse into Bermuda’s below-surface ecosphere, which reveals a plethora of biologically diverse marine life, most abundant in the area surrounding famous shipwreck HMS Vixen, located just outside Mangrove Bay. In addition to the underwater exploration, the experienced captain and crew provide informative running commentary, including an entertaining coastal sightseeing tour. On the way back to shore, be sure to keep a look-out for sea turtles! For the adventurous, the Bermuda Triangle Twilight Cruise offers the same experience, but with the moon rising and a smattering of stars overhead. What lurks in the waters after dark is discovered when lights attached to the underbelly of the boat light up the watery depths. Click HERE for more!

See the Glowworms
On the third night after a full moon, precisely 56 minutes after sunset, the uneventful life of a female glowworm starts to get exciting. She springs up from her home on the ocean floor and heads for the surface of the water, where she radiates an amazing green light to attract her mate. Take your kids to watch the glowworms one summer evening; the magic and splendour are unforgettable—even for adults. The best places to see them are Ferry Reach Park, Flatts Inlet and Shelly Bay. Those who wish to see the glowworms by boat can venture out with either BAMZ or BUEI, both of which run glowworm cruises throughout the summer months. Click HERE for more!

Explore the Ocean Floor through Helmet Diving
For a unique family water experience, try Hartley’s Undersea Walk. Perhaps one of the most interesting ways to see Bermuda underwater, helmet diving is suitable for children from five years of age and, says owner Greg Hartley, is always enjoyed by teenagers. Plus, you don’t need certification, there’s no need to surface for air, and you’re able to get closer to fish than you could with a mask and snorkel. In fact, the fish are so used to the diving boat’s arrival that they allow you to hold and pet them! The boat, Rainbow Runner, meets you by Heritage Wharf to begin your excursion. The trip lasts between three and four hours, and the dive site is in 8–12 feet of water. Hartley will even take your photo underwater, so you’ll have proof of your adventure. Click HERE for more!

Go Line Fishing Off the Rocks
Fishing off the rocks is simply Bermudian. Most locals grew up taking pride in the special spot they shared with their fishing buddy, reeling in their catch and throwing most back (a squirrel fish, again!). This summer, take the kids line fishing off the rocks—the experience never gets old.

Peddle on Water with an Ecofriendly Hydrobike
For a great, cost-efficient family day out, explore the west end on a kayak-bicycle hybrid. Hydrobike Bermuda, located at Daniel’s Head, Somerset, offers on-the-water bicycles, stabilised by a pair of 10-foot catamaran floats. The human-powered Hydrobike offers maneuverability without a noisy engine or need for gas. Peddlers can make their way northeast along Somerset Long Bay and Cambridge Beaches and into Mangrove Bay, or head south around the 9 Beaches property and into Ely’s Harbour. There’s even a dry-storage compartment on board, allowing you to chill drinks or take along a picnic to enjoy at a tranquil resting place along the way. Click HERE for more!

Kiss a Dolphin at Dolphin Quest
Frolicking in a pool at the National Museum of Bermuda in Dockyard, the resident dolphins kiss, swim and play with visitors. This summer, take the kids and experience first-hand this safe, informative dolphin encounter. It is the perfect opportunity to get close to some of the friendliest, most intelligent creatures in the ocean. The programmes offered include “Dolphin Moment,” where you stay dry, and a shallow-water experience called “Discover Dolphins,” for children aged three and up. Also available are “Underwater Adventure” and “The Encounter” for ages six and up, and “Trainer for a Day” for ages 10 and up. Click HERE for more!