Bermuda’s beaches are some of the finest in the world, but then you already knew that. Family fun, surfing, swimming and lazing in the sun enjoying the sights and sounds are part of every Bermudian family’s summer. Over the years, the land surrounding our beaches may have changed and they may be a little more crowded, but from one end of the island to the other, their pristine beauty remains the same.

Enjoy our look back at summer family fun on our beaches through the years and here is a delicious menu with recipes for a family breakfast on the beach for sunrise.


Family Breakfast on the Beach

For a special summer day the kids will always remember, plan a family morning for breakfast on the beach. Wake the kids up early and experience the magic of sunrise on the South Shore.

Breakfast sausages

Mixed Fruit cups

Lemon poppy seed mini muffins



Breakfast sausages are yummy and perfect for little fingers.  We like Jones breakfast links or Alfresco’s chicken sausages. Cook in advance and bring warm or for more fun fire up the hibachi and grill on the beach.

Cut up pineapple, watermelon and strawberries (or any fruit you prefer) the night before. Bring mixed fruit chilled and serve in plastic drinking cups with forks.

Mini muffins are perfect for popping in your mouth and lemon poppy seed are light and delicious. Make from scratch the day before or even buy ready made from The Market Place.

For the kids pack a small cooler with variety of juices and for Mom and dad, mix your perfect blend of coffee or tea, pack your favourite mug and tote along in a thermos.

What better way to enjoy summer family fun in Bermuda!