Bermuda honey is particularly unique as ordinarily bees collect nectar and pollen from the same source. Given the size of Bermuda, it means bees collect from a range of sources from gardens and wildflowers, creating a unique taste. Bermuda’s major honey flow happens in autumn when the Mexican pepper is in bloom. After the harvest you’ll be able to track down some of this golden good stuff from the following businesses:

Wild Island Farms
A local family farm that also applies their organic principals to their beekeeping practices. As a result of being chemical and antibiotic free in their hives, their products are certainly all natural.

Dragon Honey Bermuda
Dragon Honey make raw natural honey in addition to using other bee byproducts to create a range of all natural, chemical free products. Their balms, salves and wax wraps are perfect for eco-friendly gifts, and can be found here.

Passion Fields
Local beekeeper Spencer Field’s business is dedicated to protecting Bermuda’s bee population through education and hive maintenance. They currently have 30 hives spread all over the islands of Bermuda. Find more information on their Facebook page.

The Hive at Ledgelets Cottage Colony
Maintained by Spencer Fields, this local raw honey flavor benefits from the exotic variety of flora cultivated on the property for over 70 years. Find more information here.

If you’re ever on the hunt for knowledge from the Bermuda Beekeeper Association, the take questions on their Facebook group here.