In the thick summer heat, we know that in Bermuda the ocean is the only place to be. We can cool down in crystal clear waves, playing endless rhapsodies in blue and turquoise. The only problem is deciding where to take a dip since we have at least 34 beaches (public and private), and that doesn’t include docks and rocks to jump off! But not to worry, we have helped you out by picking our top ten favourite spots from east to west. In all cases you can access the water without cutting your feet on rock, reach deeper water without wading for miles, and in general enjoy Bermuda’s best medley of sun, sea and sand.


Click below to see each of the recommended swimming spots!

1. St. Catherine’s Beach

2. Clearwater Beach

3. Whalebone Bay

4. John Smith’s Bay

5. Clarence Cove

6. Elbow Beach

7. Warwick Long Bay

8. Horseshoe Bay

9. Church Bay

10. West Whale Bay