Where to go and what to do to ensure an authentic and immersive visit to Bermuda’s beautiful shores. 


Warwick Long Bay – Often overlooked for its more glamourous and popular big brother, Horseshoe Bay, Warwick Long Bay is a slightly smaller beach on the same stretch of South Shore. Usually much less busy and home of the adorable Jobson’s Cove, a tiny bay surrounded by impressive cliff faces, a local favorite on South Shore. If you’re in the mood for a beach walk, start at Horseshoe Bay and walk the paths hidden in the dunes at the end of the beach that will lead you to a host of more private and secluded beaches on South Shore, ending at Warwick Long Bay.

Pompano Beach Club – Usually, this idyllic beach and sandbar are only accessible if you are a guest at the hotel, but since COVID-19, anyone can pay $25 and get a sun lounger and beach access for the day. The blue water, remarkably shallow and calm, is unrivaled. You can also get to Pompano’s crystal clear waves via boat. Bermudians flock here on weekends for boat parties known as ‘raft-ups.’

Admiralty House Park and Clarence Cove – This was once the location of Admiralty House, the official residence for the Royal Navy senior officer, now the house is in ruins, but the grounds host a great park full of native flora and fauna. However, it’s not the landscape that makes it a local hotspot, it’s the cliffs. Admiralty is a legendary Bermudian cliff jumping spot. Start on the smaller peaks and swim through caves to get back up the rock face. If cliff diving isn’t your cup of tea, the views alone are worth a visit. You can see to Dockyard and watch the sun slip below the horizon for stunning sunset vistas.

Bars and Restaurants

Harry’s – On Wednesdays and Fridays, this bar becomes a hot spot for young people blowing off steam. With lots of outdoor seating, you can watch the sky turn pink and orange sipping on beer or wine (both of which have drink deals on a Wednesday). The bar snacks are fantastic and filling. The espresso martinis are as delicious as they are deadly. All in all, Harry’s is a great place to start your night or end it.

Uber Vida – Not a bar or a restaurant but a boat! The Uber Vida hosts Friday night booze cruises nearly all year round, and on holiday weekends, tickets sell out weeks in advance. This traveling party is a certified great night and docks in Hamilton, where you can continue the night in any of the bars up and down Front Street. The Pickled Onion does the best shots on the island and has live music on a Friday night.

The Jamaican Grill – Head to the “back of town” in Hamilton for this culinary gem. The Jamaican Grill offers the best jerk chicken, peas n’ rice, and dumplings on the island. It is flocked by locals, many of whom would consider themselves connoisseurs in Caribbean cooking. You won’t be disappointed by the quality and quantity of food prepared for you.

Speciality Inn – Very few diner-style restaurants can serve mozzarella sticks, chocolate milkshakes, and some of the best sushi on the island. They also serve traditional Bermudian breakfasts consisting of codfish, banana, and avocado. The Speciality Inn does it all. The servers treat everyone like family. Most patrons will have been frequenting these vinyl booths for decades, and the homey atmosphere is like nowhere else on the island.

Special Spots

Abbots Cliff – Abbots Cliff Park is a small grassy space that you can easily find on any map. If you keep driving through the road that takes you to the park, you will get to Abbots Cliff, one of the island’s most impressive viewpoints. Be careful because lots of this area is surrounded by private property. Hike up the slope and be rewarded with sweeping vistas of Harrington Sound looking back towards Flatts Inlet.

Diving Board Island – You can only get to this small island by boat. So if you are renting your own or going out on a cruise, make sure to visit this notorious island with diving spots built right into the cliff face. This spot is definitely for the more adventurous explorers as it requires you to swim from your boat and climb a rope ladder to access the steps that will take you to the “diving boards”. It is well worth it for the adrenaline rush of soaring through blue sky and splashing down into the azul water. Jumping from Diving Board Island is a right of passage for most Bermudians growing up on the island.