Ahmani’s Cookie Company
Delicious homemade cookies in a variety of flavours.

While in Grade 11 at the Bermuda Institute, Ahmani Peets was inspired to start a business. “What inspired me was my dad, as he has taught my sister and I to be entrepreneurs,” recalls Peets, “[He taught us] to use the talents that we have to create a business.” And what Peets is talented at is baking. Well-known for his variety of homemade cookies (his LEVIATHAN cookies are especially popular), Ahmani sells both online and at 13 retail locations islandwide, including: Lindo’s Treats, Somerset Pharmacy and Terceira’s gas stations. “I also ship my cookies overseas,” says Peets proudly. Asked what his favourite part of the job is Ahmani said, “I like creating new cookie flavours and hearing my customers say they enjoy my creations.”

Visit www.ahmaniscookiecompany.com to shop.

Vegan skin care and wellness brand 

Founder Shannon Cann created her non-toxic products after a near-death experience left her inspired to remove toxic products from her life and adopt mindful practices. She started ÀSE Naturals to help others create daily rituals with body oils, teas and bath soaks made with the power of herbs, crystals, moon cycles and essential oils. Her products have won her international recognition and have been featured in both Vogue and Marie Claire.

Visit www.asenaturals.bm to shop.

Factor Bermuda
Sun-protective swimwear

After being diagnosed with melanoma in 2007, Melissa Leach decided to create stylish swimwear that also protects the skin from 98 percent of UV rays. Made from luxurious Italian Lycra and recycled ocean plastics, each suit is beautifully constructed, double-lined and available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. Factor Bermuda was recently picked up by major luxury department store Holt Renfrew and is available in three of the department store’s locations.

Visit www.factorbermuda.com to shop.

Bermuda Born
Luxury leather handbags

Patrice Morgan has been cutting and hand-stitching luxury Italian leather since before Bermuda Born was conceived. Each handbag in her collection is inspired and named after a Bermuda locale. “I want my products to have a mix of an easy-to-wear, relaxed, island-style appeal, yet versatile enough to carry around the world with its design structure,” says Morgan.

Visit www.bermudaborn.com to shop the latest collection.

Hand-mixed spice blends with unique Bermudian flavour

Rinelle White turned her love of cooking into a business. “Cooking for people and socialising over a meal is one of my favourite things to do. For years I would bring back spices when I travelled but it took a while for me to see it as a business opportunity,” she says. “I love the idea of giving people the tools to create the same vibes for themselves that I have in my own life.  UMAMI isn’t just about spices, it’s about living life to the fullest, whatever that looks like for you, and realising your potential.”

Visit www.umamibermuda.com to shop.

Limestone + Cedar
Artisinal candles inspired by the scents of Bermuda

Nina Froncioni has been crafting handmade candles since 2018, but at the start, she wasn’t sure it was a profitable business. “In that first year, I wasn’t sure I would make any sales—but once I established the Limestone + Cedar brand I began to sell out vendor markets!” she recalls. And just three years later? “I have my candles in local stores, and eventually I hope to own my own retail space. My goal is to be able to host workshops where people can make their own candles.”

Limestone+Cedar candles can be found at ESC Limited, TABS, The Island Shop, Bermuda Craft Market, L.F.Wade Duty Free Shops and online at www.limestoneandcedar.com.