6 local makers and bakers to support this Christmas.

Avarie Graham
Graphic coasters, magnets and cards

Lead designer at award-winning Strata-G, Avarie Graham’s creative talents know no bounds. Since graduating from Ontario College of Art and Design University she’s worked with clients like Solange Knowles, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) and local shoe brand Della Valle Sandals. “My artistic spark was ignited when my parents enrolled me in art classes at only 3 years old. From then I developed an interest in drawing and painting through mimicking photographs, illustrations and graphics found in books and magazines—Archie comics were my favourite,” says Graham. “Whether I’m designing for a specific client or my work has been seen by the general public, creating is my way of touching people’s lives.”

Visit TABS or www.avariegraham.com to shop.

Strange Bird
Sustainable, all-natural skincare

Founder of Strange Bird Camily Lovell says her job is to help others reengage with themselves through mindfulness. Using varied aromas, textures, consistencies and colours, her products engage the senses and bring their users into the moment, creating peacefulness. “The benefit of local production is that we can design products that are specific to the needs of our community, addressing seasonal skincare needs while ensuring our products can withstand environmental factors such as the heat and humidity that is unique to our climate,” says Lovell. “We also love being able to get insight directly from our customer base and design our products uniquely to our market’s needs.”

Visit @strange.bird.bermuda on Instagram for more.

A2Z Apparel
Bermuda-inspired swimwear and footwear

After creating a Bermuda-flag swimsuit in 2015, Angel Burgess knew she was on to something big. “Although there were hundreds of [existing] items available with a Bermuda theme, they were more for tourists and not locals. A swimsuit was long overdue,” she explained. And since then, she’s added a variety of designs to her repertoire, including a unisex slide sandal, men’s swim trunks and even bathing suits for kids. “The part I love most is the response and support from my people. It’s a great feeling to have a tourist tag us [on Instagram] but when I see the locals getting excited, it’s the best.”

A2Z Apparel is available to shop at TABS, Flying Colours and Freshmen at Heron Bay Plaza.

Aura Beauty & Wellness
Clean, non-toxic skincare

Kiera Smith has ethical skincare down to a science. Her vast range of family-safe products are made from scratch using highly concentrated formulas with ingredients sourced from the earth. “Every ingredient that we include in our products is there for a specific therapeutic reason. We do not use fillers of any kind, meaning that almost every ingredient in our products is an active ingredient. This results in pure, highly concentrated and effective formulas that are a rarity in the skincare and cosmetics world today,” says Smith. “We ethically source the finest raw, naturally occurring materials of the earth. With ingredients ranging from French green clay to gemstones, we formulate treatments that combine essential vitamins, minerals and botanicals to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality.”

Visit aurabeautyandwellness.com to shop.

Dana Cooper
Bermuda-inspired scarves, kaftans and swimwear

Artist and illustrator Dana Cooper has designed several books including My Bermuda ABC, My Bermuda 123, Bermuda Baby ABC and a selection of Bermuda Journals. She’s also a contributor to The Bermudian magazine and has been published in numerous publications internationally such as W Magazine and the New York Sun. Her stunning watercolour illustrations of royal palms, bay grape leaves and nautical motifs have been translated into this luxurious Bermuda collection of scarves, kaftans and bathing suits.

Visit www.danacooper.net to shop.

DMG Liv Golden
Luxury home fragrances

Donna Grant started her own line of luxury candles and diffusers in an effort to reclaim serenity for herself and others. “The stress of life was getting a bit out of control for me, which was affecting my well-being,” says Grant. “Small changes can have a big impact on living a happier, more fulfilling, more successful life. DMG Liv Golden was created to make it possible for everyone to enjoy serenity.”

Visit www.dmglivgolden.com to shop.