Here’s what you most enjoyed reading this year!

History of Hurricanes

Historically, Bermuda has danced with 186 storms, some being small tropical systems that have kept their distance from our shores, while others have been major and monstrous and have threatened to devastate our island. Here is a full history of the most impactful hurricanes to impact our shores. Click here to read!

The Origins of African-Bermudians by Cyril Packwood

In a seminal piece for The Bermudian in 1992, Cyril Packwood traced Bermuda’s ethnic origins from Africa to Bermuda through their capture and trade, and as indentured servants or chattel slaves for more than 200 years. Click here to read!

Best of Bermuda Awards

This year’s best people, places, restaurants, retail stores and organizations, voted on by the public. Click here to see the full list of winners.

The History of the Dark ’n Stormy

The Dark ’n Stormy is the inexorable concoction of Bermuda’s British history, a literal fusion of our merchant and naval traditions. That it is today one of only four internationally trademarked cocktails further reflects Bermudians’ entrepreneurial spirit and legacy of punching above our weight on the international stage. Click here to read!

The Queen’s First Visit to Bermuda

Bermuda had never looked more immaculate. For weeks ahead of the great and unprecedented occasion Colonial, municipal, and parochial authorities had laboured to have the island looking at its very best. Private individuals pitched in with equal ardour, trimming hedges, manicuring lawns, slapping fresh paint on houses and gateways, and removing anything unsightly that lay within view of the public highways. Britain’s oldest Colony was getting ready to welcome Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth the Second, the first reigning monarch ever to visit the remote islands. Click here to read!