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Virtual Tourist in your Own Town: 5 Videos Worth Watching this Weekend

If you're stuck indoors this weekend, try venturing out virtually with these 5 videos we've hand-selected for you. Each one explores Bermuda from a different perspective and we're betting you'll learn something about your island home you didn't know before.   1. Joy T. Barnum Tours the Island   2. Byron Talbott Explores Sustainably Farming in Bermuda   3. Qian Dickinson Learns from Zina-May Parsons About What Goes into Making Gombey Costumes   4. Explore Nonsuch Island with Jeremy Madeiros…

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6 Questions Every Bermudian Has Been Asked

No matter where a Bermudian may travel to, the questions one receives from strangers are often the same. While it can get frustrating at times to dodge seemingly endless questions about the Bermuda Triangle, there is relief in knowing that…

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The Land Crab Story: An Interview with Dr. David Wingate

Every year at the beginning of July, when Bermuda’s waters became warmer in the summer sun, a crimson migration erstwhile passed over our roads and beaches. Side-ways bumbling land crabs in their thousands used to make for the water, in…

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Vintage South Shore Beaches

Our south shore beaches are some of the most impressive on island, home to huge boiler reefs, swimming coves, rock climbing spots and luxury resorts.              

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The Summer of ’41

Recently, a reader contacted us regarding a story from our archives. The archived piece was from the Crow's Nest section of the July 1946 issue of The Bermudian and told of how once, a shark was spotted in Hamilton Harbour. Dick…

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Virtual Tourist In Your Own Town: A Visit to St. George

Bermuda’s first capital was deserted almost overnight when Hamilton became the hub for government, trade, and mariners in the early 1800s. As a result, much of the Town of St. George is frozen in time and provides an incredible portal…