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6 Questions Every Bermudian Has Been Asked

No matter where a Bermudian may travel to, the questions one receives from strangers are often the same. While it can get frustrating at times to dodge seemingly endless questions about the Bermuda Triangle, there is relief in knowing that the interest shown in our island home by strangers abroad is in direct proportion to how unique and special Bermuda is.   Where is that? The problem with this is, as soon as you say that it’s in the Atlantic Ocean and its closes point on land is in the U.S. they think we are part of the U.S...

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Tourist in Your Own Town: 4 Museums Worth Celebrating

This weekend, make it your mission to learn more about history, Bermuda's ecology and art with stops at these four museums and galleries.   Natural History Museum at BAMZ You might visit the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo with your ...

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Through the Camera of James B. Heyl

From 1868 to 1897, photographer James B. Heyl traveled the island, capturing still images of Bermuda and her people. Included in the collection of images were photos of buildings, churches, roadways, streets and sailboats, all of which combined ...

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The History of Bermuda Onions

Agriculture had never been an important industry for Bermudians until the 1850s. Before then, settlers were simply trying to survive, tending to a modest amount of crops and livestock in order to transform the barren island into a thriving metro...

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Bermuda’s Best Kayaking Locations

Kayaking is one of the best and most rewarding ways to see Bermuda by water. Go at your own pace and explore the bays and coves that larger vessels are unable to maneuver into. Here are our top picks for where to go kayaking in Bermuda.  ...

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Mission: Mars

This November, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration rekindled its long-standing relationship with Bermuda, unveiling a $5.3 million renovation project of their Cooper’s Island tracking station, which will be used in the most ambit...