Our Bermuda

Our Bermuda

The Summer of ’41

Recently, a reader contacted us regarding a story from our archives. The archived piece was from the Crow's Nest section of the July 1946 issue of The Bermudian and told of how once, a shark was spotted in Hamilton Harbour. Dick Christensen wrote to us, saying: "That one got away but the picture I am sending [is of one that] did not get away.  I caught this shark in the summer of 1941 off the North Dock of Grace Island then towed…

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Be a Tourist in Your Own Town in Sandys

If you don't live in Sandys, you might only know it for its cricket club that competes against the rival, St. George, every summer in Cup Match, but it has much more to offer.   1. Daniel’s Head Daniel’s Head…

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A History of Whaling in Bermuda

Whaling in Bermuda began in the 17th century, and, research reveals, it was an altogether improvised affair. In true Bermuda spirit, a historian notes “boat crews were treated to rum punch at the end of the day, regardless of whether…

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Into the Ocean: John Smith’s Bay

A local wag often explains to tourists that he knew the John Smith after whom this beach is named because, he says, they lived next door to each other. Since the relevant Captain John Smith was a famous seventeenth-century explorer…

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Rites of Passage for Every Bermudian

There are certain things that bind together all Bermudians. This little island is a unique community, precipitating a very specific culture. Take a look at our list of rites of passage most of us have experienced.   Putting a Penny…

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The Bermudian’s Almanac: Aviator Beryl Hart

This almanac was first published in The Bermudian in July 2002. Looking Back... Visitors Beryl Hart and Lieutenant William McClaren were the toast of Bermuda when they flew here from Norfolk, Virginia on January 7, 1931 on their seaplane Tradewind.…