BIG HAUL: More than 40 fish, including 19 Allison tuna, 18 albacore, and four blackfin tuna were taken by this group of anglers in one day’s fishing from Guide Russel Young’s “Sea Wolfe.” The anglers were officers from the frigate HMS “Whirlwind.”


September 1968 cover of The Bermudian magazine.


Light Tackle Tournament winners, the Virginia Angler’s Club, with a sampling of their catch. From left: David Lines (a Bermudian guest of the club), William B. Duval and Richard Stephenson. Kneeling are Mark DeMoura (mate) and Teddy Fisher (captain). 1977


Anglers rise at dawn to prepare for the day’s fishing. 1969.


 THE WINNERS: California’s Fishing 49ers (from left) Charles O. Mather of Los Angeles, famed TV comedian Jonathan Winters, and J. William Rewalt of Pembroke. Mr. Winters was overall “High Rod” in the tournament. 1969.


Don Lafferty of the Lac-A-La-Croix (Quebec) team bringing in a big Allison tuna on a 30-lb test line, skipper Ronnie Boys of the cruiser Miranda sinks his gaff into the fish, which turns out to be a 74.5-pounder and the high point fish taken during the contest. 1968.


Skipper Herbert Adderley and his mate of the cruiser Fair Lady (standing) with the team from Lc-A-La-Croix which took fourth place; from left, Don Lafferty, Walt Weber and John Hunter.


Scene at Cambridge Beaches, Mangrove Bay, Somerset, during the annual International Light Tackle Tournament. 1968.


September 1969 cover of The Bermudian.



Guide Ronald Boys (right) removes hook from blackfin tuna caught by W. Walter Campbell of Hollidaysburg, PA, who fished with the Pennsylvania Anglers team. 1974.


Second place was taken by the Pennsylvania Anglers Club: from left, Teddy Gibbons, mate of the cruiser Coral Sea, Chuck Olsen, Walt Campbell, Tom Large (high point scorer of the tournament), and Skipper Boyd Gibbons of the Coral Sea. 1968.


Stan Posen lands a record-breaking 18-lb 2-oz rainbow runner, bettering the previous record by more than two pounds. 1977.


Busy scene at Mangrove Bay, Somerset, during the tournament. 1966.


 IN THIRD PLACE: Trinidad and Tobago Angler’s Club: (from left) Keith Dunmore of Bermuda, Louis G. Rostant and Hugh J. Gransaull of Trinidad. 1974.


WAHOO CATCH: Five wahoo (each weighing more than 40lbs), two blackfin tuna and a mackrel spelled today’s catch for Comedian Jonathan Winters and his wife, and George Spota (centre), agency representative for Mr. Winters. They fished from Guide Russel Young’s “Sea Wolfe.”