We did a cocktail crawl so you don’t have to!

Sure you can do your own crawl from town to Dockyard and back, but if you don’t have a whole day, 20 friends and a bus handy, take our word for where to go and what to order for the coolest signature cocktail experience this summer.

  • Pit Stop #1: The Astwood Arms
  • 81 Front St City of, Hamilton

Begin your day of drinking in the city at Astwood Arms. The bar sets the scene, commanding the center of attention in this Victorian era styled pub that is home to a variety of tempting libations. Notoriously known for their ‘Gin it Yourself Menu’ which involves 5 steps to create a customized drink, it’s no surprise that their cocktail of the summer is the ‘Bombay Bramble’. Created by Pravin Badge, this cocktail is crafted with the Bombay Sapphire fruity Bramble gin to create an aromatic and refreshing cocktail.

  • Pit Stop #2: Boundary Sports Bar & Grille
  • Above Turtle Hill Golf Course at Fairmont Southampton, 101 South Shore Road, Southampton

Next up, start venturing west to Boundary Sports Bar & Grille where the cocktails rival the stunning south shore vistas and premier golf course. While their drink menu is updated regularly, featuring new creations weekly, you have to try their cocktail, ‘Cool Summer Breeze’. Consisting of Grey Goose Citron, St. Germain, Melon Liqueur, Fresh Lemonade, Soda Water and Fresh Melon​, this drink is a testament to a great summer, offering a fresh, exciting and unexpected taste. Other crowd favourites that are concocted by their talented team of mixologists include the Cotton-CandyTini, Easy-Drinking Sangria and their Fire-Rita

  • Pit Stop #3: The Frog & Onion Pub
  • 4 Maritime Lane, The Cooperage, Royal Naval Dockyard, Somerset

Continuing down the road into Sandys Parish, next up on our crawl is The Frog and Onion Pub. Housed within the limestone walls of the mid-18th century Cooperage, you can quite literally ‘drink in the history’ at this iconic pub. Taking inspiration from the past grueling years of the pandemic which they declare as “entirely forgettable”, their cocktail of the summer is the ‘Leap Frog’, made from Bacardi Dragonberry, Bacardi Pineapple, fresh squeezed orange juice, Barritt’s Bermuda ginger beer and a splash of grenadine. This cocktail is fruity and refreshing with a hint of sweetness where the spiciness of the ginger beer cuts it beautifully to ensure a long satisfying tropical style drink.

  • Pit Stop #4: Woody’s Restaurant Bermuda
  • 1 Boaz Island, Somerset

No cocktail crawl in Bermuda would be complete without a visit to the local watering hole of the West End, Woody’s. This establishment offers an authentic Bermudian happy hour complete with their famed fish sandwiches, if you need to refuel mid crawl. Their cocktail of the summer is a ‘Tommy Special’ created by head bartender, Damon Thompson. Made with Bacardi Pineapple, Malibu, Blue Curaçao and pineapple juice, this drink is the perfect summertime sipper with its ocean-hued tint and tropical flavour. Other highlights on their menu include The Pop Cann, Turfs Lemonade and Boaz Island Ice Tea.

  • Pit Stop #5: Lost In The Triangle (LITT)
  • 87 South Road, Warwick

After a boozy visit to Somerset, start to journey back up the road towards the South Shore to our next stop, Lost In The Triangle (LIIT). This friendly establishment is serving up delicious local fare with freshly caught seafood and a perfectly paired drinks menu that exudes island vibes. In true Bermudian fashion, their must try cocktail of the season is ‘Rahn de Corner’. Made with the unique spirit Grey Goose Strawberry & Lemongrass Essence, this botanical drink is derived from the essence of real fruit for a bright and refreshing taste.

  • Pit Stop #6: Flanagan’s Irish Pub
  • 69 Front St, Hamilton

If you can still manage to hobble in and out of your taxi or designated mode of transport, our grand finale to the cocktail crawl calls for a full circle moment with a last stop in the city at Flanagan’s Irish Pub. Don’t let the pub aesthetic fool you, this Hamilton mainstay is serving up more than classic pints of Guinness. Behind their extensive cocktail list is creative mixologist, Anthony Daniels, affectionately known as Boxy. No visit would be complete without trying his famed ‘Box Picnic Punch’, a refreshing and delicious cocktail that sets the summer mood.