With clear spring skies and sunlight getting stronger as we near the peak of summer, sun protection is more important right now that ever.

Your skin could become damaged and wrinkly, or look prematurely aged due to overexposure to the sun. Even more alarming, skin can become so damaged that it leads to the development of skin cancer. Why let that happen when sun damage is so easily preventable?

Here are our top tips for staying safe in the sun this spring and summer:

Treat yourself to a new pair of sunglasses. We know you want to channel your inner Anna Wintour with some big statement sunglasses. There’s no reason to take them off because they’re so fashionable and they do so much to prevent your eyes from getting cataracts later in life. Make sure to purchase sunglasses that protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

Wear a hat. We know you miss the buzzing America’s Cup village of last summer, but your souvenirs can still be put to use. Whether you still have your America’s Cup cap, or another cap or sunhat, the skin on your face will thank you for the extra protection.

Stick to the shade. When you’re lounging on the beach, why would you risk a sunburn when you can survey everyone else from a shady perch under an umbrella? Protecting your skin is no joke, and you can do it in style anytime. The only thing that’s missing is someone standing above you, feeding you grapes.

Wear sunscreen. It seems like the most obvious way to protect your beautiful skin from the sun, but many people don’t apply sunscreen correctly. For maximum effectiveness, sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before going out in the sun and reapplied every two hours.

Wear a cover up. We know you want to show off your beach body, and you absolutely can for short periods of time. However, spending long periods with skin exposed to the sun can be dangerous, even with sun block. Get a cute beach cover up or a sun shirt to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Finally, if you’re drinking alcohol, make sure to stay hydrated by drinking water too. We want you to have a luxurious experience in Bermuda’s tropical sunrays, but dehydration and skin damage are never worth a few hours of hedonistic bliss.