This weekend, take the opportunity to reconnect with Bermuda’s natural world. Now is a great time to savour loquat picking, spot a migrating humpback from south shore and explore the dunes between Warwick Long Bay and Horseshoe Bay.


Spot a Whale
Living in Bermuda, we can become blasé about the world of underwater creatures, but the humpback whale is a different story. Every March and April, the humpbacks travel from the Caribbean to Canada, passing by Bermuda’s South Shore along their way. Often escorting their newborn calves, the female whales can breech dramatically, providing land creatures on the South Shore beaches and cliffs a fantastic show. Of course, if you want a really good view, going out on a tour boat is your best option and one we fully encourage. With the captain’s expertise, boats are sometimes able to get within five feet of the magical creatures. Now comes the challenge: seeing the whales and not getting emotional.


Walk the Paths from Warwick Long Bay to Horseshoe Bay
Although the paths and dunes that separate Long Bay and Horseshoe Bay are popular with horseback riders, walking is the best way to experience the natural wonder of the seaside trails. Getting sand between your toes and breathing in the salty air makes the walk pleasant at any time of the year. During the springtime, however, when the temperature is just starting to warm and you are beginning to anticipate summertime, you are likely to stop, take a deep breath and think how lucky you are to live in such a wonderful place.


Pick Loquats & Eat Them Right Off the Tree
It’s a treasured part of every Bermudian’s childhood: an afternoon spent in the loquat tree, half hanging on, half trying to consume the delicious fruit. It seems no matter how things change, the loquat tree remains an integral part of Bermuda tradition. The sweet scent, the dark-green leathery leaves offering shade and loquat juice running down our arms as we pit and eat the golden fruit—all make loquat picking a memorable experience. And every Bermudian knows the best time to pick loquats: when the dog is tied up, of course!