This weekend, take in artworks from across the island. If you have kids, it’s a great opportunity to educate them on our local artists and expose them to mediums of art that they’ve never seen before. 


Bermuda National Gallery
Located in the spacious City Hall up some very old steps, the Bermuda National Gallery aims to showcase brilliant local and international art. Every other year they host a local art exhibition for Bermudians to submit to.

In the Watlington Room currently, the gallery is showcasing the works of Shepard Fairey, an American contemporary street artist focusing on satire of our commercialist world. He became famous for his Obama “Hope” poster.

The gallery also has a permanently displayed Bermuda collection showcasing artifacts and paintings from Bermuda’s history. The main gallery’s exhibition changes periodically and is always home to something spectacular.



Nestled within the fabulous grounds of Botanical Gardens, Masterworks is bursting with modern art. At the moment, the gallery is showing Louisa Birmingham’s “Whimsy,” a collection of paintings, drawings, and pottery that represent treasured moments. In the new year, Jon Legere has an exhibit on entitled “Disposition,” where he will feature his painted bouy installations.

There’s always something great at Masterworks, and when you’re finished at the gallery, why not wander around Botanical Gardens, or take a look at the aviary.


Featherbed Alley
The studio in St. Geroge’s Featherbed Alley is home to a few talented Bermudian artists at any given time. At the moment, it is occupied by long-time resident Emma Ingham and fellow artists Charles Zuill. Ingham was a dedicated fashion illustrator, and is quoted saying “I loved working with the model and translating a garment on the hanger to a glorious gown that would turn heads.” Now she concentrates more on Bermudian landscape watercolours.

Be sure to stop in to the little studio, located underneath the St. George’s Historical Society Museum.