Get out of the house this weekend and dedicate yourself to exploring parts of Bermuda you don’t know. The Unfinished Church, the BUEI and Cambridge Beaches are three great spots that anyone of any age will enjoy exploring and learning more about.


Unfinished Church, St. George
This architectural marvel has attracted visitors and locals alike with its eerie limestone spires, grass floor, and absent roof. Truly a house of God that reaches up to the heavens, the unfinished church is the perfect sightseeing location. Though deemed too unsafe to be publicly accessible, entrance to the historical site can still be gained by climbing through one of its many airy windows. Although the gothic designs delight the eye, the church remained unfinished because of disputes over its construction. Some parishioners felt that they would rather invest in rebuilding St. Peter’s church, which that year had been damaged in a storm, rather than building the new church. Money for its construction also had to be diverted to a Hamilton church that was damaged in a fire. The church ultimately fell into disrepair without a roof, and was damaged by various hurricanes.



BUEI, Hamilton
The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute is an unparalleled showcase of our maritime history. Including exhibitions on ocean ecosystems as well as exploration, piracy, and shipwreck recovery, BUEI is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon for both children and adults. On the top level, learn about William Beebe, a passionate ocean explorer who conducted some of the first deep-sea expeditions off the coast of Bermuda. Ride the exciting submersible exhibit to the lower levels of the museum, but take care not to get lost in the Bermuda Triangle! Below, get to see some of the artifacts retrieved by divers like Teddy Tucker from Bermuda’s seafaring past. In addition to the museum, BUEI also holds fascinating talks and film screenings periodically in their lecture hall.


Cambridge Beaches, Somerset
Bermuda has some of the highest quality hotels in the world, and locals, as well as tourists, can take advantage of their opulence. Why not treat yourself to a luxurious summer getaway; only a few minutes drive away at Cambridge Beaches? Locals can take advantage of the water sports activities, including renting motorboats, kayaks, sailboats or jet skis, in order to explore the turtle-filled Sandys waters. More adventurous locals can also partake in a deep-sea fishing expedition if lack of equipment means they wouldn’t normally be able to. After a day spent on the water, you can head down to one of the resort’s splendid restaurants for a well-earned dinner.