Although agriculture was at one time Bermuda’s prime industry, with local farmers exporting potatoes and famed Bermuda onions to the United States, it is today only for local consumption. Take a look at the evolution of Bermuda’s agriculture industry through the years with this collection of vintage images from our archives.

Farmer with a crop of Bermuda Onions.

By the late 70s some farmers had tractors for plowing, but many still used the horse.

In the early 1970s, farmers harvest a crop of potatoes from one of the islands small fields.

Photograph by Walter Rutherford.

The importation of prime livestock from North America and Britain resulted in a high standard of daily produce in Bermuda.

Under the stately Gothic steeple of St. Mark’s Church in Smith’s Parish, Bermuda’s agriculture is shown in a quiet pastoral scene in the early 1970s.