When it’s dark and stormy outside, here’s what you can do to pass the time.

Go swimming
If you’re getting wet in the ocean anyway, why not go swimming in the rain? Exclusively swimming in the blazing sunshine is for tourists! If you’ve never gone to the beach in the rain, you’re missing out on the juxtaposition between the warm ocean below you, and the cold rain above.

Visit Masterworks Gallery
Recently graced by our new Governor and consistently frequented by art-loving locals Masterworks may be the most serene afternoon you can find on the island when the weather is dire. From within the hushed rooms of the galleries, a sense of calm pervades that is no match for Bermuda’s blustery winds. Recline on the comfortable seating and soak up paintings from world re-owned artists such as Winslow Homer and Freda Kahlo. Some of Bermuda’s most beautiful landscapes and vistas are captured within these walls and remain crystalized in perfection no matter the weather.

Refamiliarize Yourself with Crystal Caves
The crowning jewel in Bermuda’s underwater cave system, Crystal Caves is a quintessential bucket list spot for locals and tourists alike. The caves, which can be a respite from the hot sun in the summer, also are the perfect place to explore when the weather renders the beach or boat impossible. There are few activities more atmospheric than escaping the wind and the rain to be met with the eerie quiet of the caves. “Cave kisses”, the drips of condensation from the cave ceiling, more soothing than any ASMR video or Ambient Sound playlist on Spotify.  Way cheaper than a spa day, tours only cost $25.

Visit Dockyard
Most of Dockyard’s most impressive tourist attractions are indoors. The National Museum, Maritime Museum, Jon Faulkner Gallery, and The iconic Dockyard Glasswork are all within spitting distance of one another. As you dart from one historical treasure to the next, your chances of getting damp are greatly reduced by the proximity of all these Bermudian favourites. If, by chance, you do get a little soggy soaking up the history and beauty of Bermudian culture head straight to The Frog and Onion. Their roaring fires in the winter months are sure to warm you up and there’s no better way to dry off than over a locally brewed craft beer or huge plate of nachos. Any kids are sure to run straight to the games room and will be entertained for hours.

Cook or Bake
What better indoor activity is there than baking? If you’re going to be spending time inside, at least you get a hot, tasty reward at the end. Long, stormy days are the perfect time to try out a recipe that takes time to make, like fish chowder, lemon loaf, or banana bread. Check out our recipe section for more ideas.

Do Crafts
On a rainy day, it’s best to use your hands and make your own fun. You could take time to redecorate by making innovative crafts for your home or garden. Most of our recommendations can be made with things you’ve got at home already, so get out your toolbox and pencil case, and make a birdfeeder, or a seaglass picture frame.