Women having been conquering tennis courts, running marathons and hitting home runs in Bermuda since the very beginning.

Tennis players at Clermont in 1888

In July 1953, Mrs. S. Apicella boated this 42lb wahoo after an half hour battle.

World record holder Grete Waitz at one of the many races she participated in during the 1980s

Jenny Smatt on the block at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. She was the only woman from Bermuda to participate in the Swimming.

The winners of the annual tennis cup in 1926, Bermuda.

Gina Bean, 16 years old, beating records at Warwick Bowling Alley.

Croquet in Tuckers Town in the 60s.

A swinging good game of softball!

Impressive presentation at the Agricultural Exhibition

Another great scene at the Ag Show in the 70s.