A History of Witchcraft in Bermuda

In the 1650’s, Bermuda saw the execution by hanging of five people convicted as witches – four women and one man. From 1484-1750, 200,000 witches were executed in England. The so called “witchfinder generall,” Matthew Hopkins, was on a literal witch hunt in the 1600s, traveling around the country and ratting out so-called witches. Some Bermudian men would have visited England during this time where they were probably affected by the witchfinder generall’s ideas, and within about 5 years, 5…

Wellbottom Sessions

The Wellbottom Sessions Featuring Joy T. Barnum

Watch the third episode of The Wellbottom Sessions featuring Joy T. Barnum. The Wellbottom Sesssions is a series of intimate concerts, recorded live at The Bermudian's studio in Wellbottom.    

Our Bermuda

Tourist in Your Own Town: 4 Museums Worth Celebrating

This weekend, make it your mission to learn more about history, Bermuda's ecology and art with stops at these four museums and galleries.   Natural History Museum at BAMZ You might visit the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo with your…

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5 Ways to See Bermuda from a Different Perspective

When you've remained stationary in a certain place long enough, you can begin to feel trapped. In Bermuda, we call it "rock fever", a term we use to encompass the anxiety and the occasional drudgery of being confined to a…

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Beyond Our Beaches: 6 of the Most Beautiful Locations in Bermuda

Beauty is abounding in Bermuda but there are some locations that offer even more splendor than others. A feast for the eyes, these 6 places are some of the most beautiful in Bermuda.   1. Harbour Road Cycle, ride or drive…

The Consummate Bermudian

The Bermuda Roof

One of the best things to tell people about Bermuda (and there are lots of them) is that we catch our fresh water from the sky and store it under our homes because we have no natural source of fresh…