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8 Little Known Facts About Bermuda’s Natural History

Perhaps some of the below facts aren't that useful outside of a pub quiz but they're fascinating nonetheless.   1. Lionfish Get Fatty Liver Disease from Eating So Much! Most people know that lionfish are a threat to Bermuda’s reefs, but only some know the ecology behind this threat. In their native range, lionfish are opportunistic hunters, only catching prey very infrequently. As a result, they have evolved the ability to slow their metabolic processes in times when prey cannot…

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Front Street Through The Ages

Classic Front Street from way back when.  

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Tourist in Your Own Town: Paget Parish

Although Paget Parish can seem like a quiet part the island, it's actually ripe with places to visit and things to do. This weekend, get out and explore the best that this central Parish has to offer, we bet you…

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The Bermuda Pilot Gig

Asked to name the vessel that anchors Bermuda’s maritime history most would, justifiably, point to the Sloop, however, the local Pilot Gig was another innovative and uniquely Bermudian craft that played a vital role in Bermuda’s history. While the Sloop…

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Into the Ocean: Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay, famous on postcards, photos and prints, has long been our most popular public beach and has played host over the decades to countless tourists who love its wide curve of pink sands and expanse of water stretching out…

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Vintage Scenes of Bermudian Life

From preparing Bermuda grass for planting, to relaxing under the shade of the trees at Flatts Inlet, this photo gallery showcases the scenes from the lives of locals.