7 Little-Known Facts About Somerset Village
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7 Little-Known Facts About Somerset Village

Often overlooked as a destination to merely pass by on the way to Dockyard, Somerset Village gloats a rustic charm and neighbourly camaraderie that encapsulates Bermuda in its most authentically cherished ways. It is also the home to many prominent characters in Bermuda’s steeped history. Here are 7 little known facts about this west end village that you might not already know. The Gilbert Nature Reserve 1. Nestled behind the main road of Somerset Village and away from its happenings,…


Video Competition for Teens: Unlock Your Creative Potential & Win $1,000

Calling all teenagers with a passion for storytelling and a phone in hand! WeSpeak Teen has launched their Video Competition, a fantastic opportunity for young minds to harness the power of their voice, express themselves and win incredible prizes. If…

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Bermuda From Way Back When!

How many of these old Bermuda scenes do you remember?  

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6 Romantic Date Spots

Nothing says romance quite like dinner for two with a view. Whether a local or visitor in Bermuda, you can expect to dine with vistas parallel to the island’s beauty. In the late summer and early fall months, dining al…

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Cooper’s Island: An Island Unto Itself

Christopher Carter had very good taste in spite of himself.  One of the three men left in Bermuda after Sir George Somers died in 1610, he was offered the whole of St. David’s Island, all 510 acres of it, for…

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The Significance of Cedar

The role of Bermuda's endemic tree in our earliest economies and how it was saved from extinction. Ecology of the PlantThe ecology of the Bermuda cedar is nothing to sniff at; it was perfectly suited to the biological niche presented…