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5 of the Very Best Bermuda Walks

Bermuda is built up, and main roads often don't even have sidewalks. However, there are certain oases that can be visited by the avid explorer. Take a look at our list of Bermuda walks to learn about the next place you will discover.   1. Tom Moore’s Jungle Tom Moore’s has got to be one of the best nature reserves on island, with a great many important habitats within the park, including coastline and open ocean, mangrove swamps, ponds, caves,…

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Tourist in Your Own Town: The East End

Reacquaint yourself with the east end this weekend by taking in the history and nostalgia synonymous with the Town of St. George before having a swizzle at the Swizzle.   1. Have a Swizzle at the Swizzle Inn Number-one competitor…

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Into the Ocean: Church Bay

Named after the picturesque St. Anne’s Church on the other side of the road, compact Church Bay is our best public beach for snorkelling, thanks to the potboilers of the reef which even at high tide are well within reach…

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What To Do On A Rainy Day

When it's dark and stormy outside, here's what you can do to pass the time.   Go swimming If you’re getting wet in the ocean anyway, why not go swimming in the rain? Exclusively swimming in the blazing sunshine is…

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Tourist In Your Own Town: Pembroke

Though much of Pembroke is taken up by Hamilton City, it has much more to offer than just shopping! Revisit Pembroke parish and have a look at our top picks for places to visit!   Admiralty House Admiralty house is…

Wellbottom Sessions

The Wellbottom Sessions Featuring The Three Kings

Watch the second episode of The Wellbottom Sessions featuring The Three Kings. The Wellbottom Sesssions is a series of intimate concerts, recorded live at The Bermudian's studio.