Our Bermuda

Lunch Truck Love

Trucks, Wagons, Carts and Counters: a Who's Who in Lunchtime Cuisine. (more…)

Our Bermuda

Saturday on the Farm

Elizabeth Jones pays a visit to Windybank's farmer's market. (more…)

Our Bermuda

Fresh Fish

With the Atlantic Ocean on our doorstep, fresh local seafood is within reach year round - whether you catch it or someone else does. (more…)

Our Bermuda

The Little Cottage

It's no secret to anyone that Bermuda is one of the most beautiful places in the world. In fact, the island has been used many times as the setting for books and Hollywood movies. The latest Bermuda-inspired story is illustrated children's book,...

Our Bermuda

A Beatle's Bermuda Fantasy

John Lennon’s Bermuda visit in the summer of 1980—just a few months before he was murdered—is detailed in a new book published by Freisenbruch-Brannon Media. Lennon Bermuda, written by reporter Scott Neil and illustrated by artist Graham F...


Masterworks at 25

For the past quarter century, the Masterworks Foundation’s Tom Butterfield and Elise Outerbridge have pursued a single-minded goal: to collect quality artworks featuring Bermuda to help build a stronger sense of our national identity. They beg...