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College Weeks! Part 1

Every Spring, Bermuda played host to thousands of college students, mostly from the U.S.A. in a giant party that lasted 28 days. During the month-long celebration, debauchery was rampant, live music was a given and jolly collegians had the time of their lives. Here, we take a look back at what College Weeks was like.                                    

Our Bermuda

The Bermudian’s Almanac: Lovers Lane

This almanac was first published in The Bermudian in March 2003.   Looking Back... Lovers Lane, Paget was a quiet country lane 100 years ago, when this photo was taken, and even today, it remains peaceful and picturesque. The house…

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Tourist in your own Town: 3 Outdoorsy Things to do this Weekend

This weekend, take the opportunity to reconnect with Bermuda's natural world. Now is a great time to savour loquat picking, spot a migrating humpback from south shore and explore the dunes between Warwick Long Bay and Horseshoe Bay.   Spot…

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Happy Birthday to The Bermudian!

On February 15, 1930, the first issue of The Bermudian magazine was published! Back then The Bermudian only cost one shilling! In the first-ever issue, editor William D. Richardson included a special note to his readers:   Salutation With this issue…

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The Bermudian’s Almanac: Sir Michael Redgrave

This almanac was first published in The Bermudian in February 2003. Looking Back... Sir Michael Redgrave arrives at the airport in January 1978 with fellow actors and musicians to perform 'Sir Michael Redgrave and Shakespeare's People' for the Bermuda Festival.…


Remembering Roland Skinner: 1940 – 2018

Bermuda photography legend, Roland Skinner passed away late last year, and while we will miss the man behind the lens, his photographs depicting the beauty and charm of Bermuda will live on. Skinner got his start at the age of…